Last Fair Weather Weekend

It’s been in the 50’s for days now. Average temp now is 38. Almost 60 this weekend. Alas the temps are set to plummet 30 degrees tomorrow. Then highs in the 20’s and lows in the teens. It’s about time. While I am praying for winter I did take advantage of the fall weather this weekend.

Saturday morn

Saturdays group ride was well attended and I thought it would be with the weather. We had about 15 bikes with a few of them that will not be here next week with winter setting in. Road, cross and MTB’s represented. Soon it will turn to almost all MTB’s when the beach is froze enough to ride. Im considering a 29+ wheelset on the fatbike for that.

It was  such a nice day almost everyone was overdressed. I suffered in that respect on the way home. But a nice ride.


Sunday it was a solo ride in my local park with the fatbike. Again the temps were going to hit 50+. I can’t believe I was the only bike in the lot. I just tooled around, stopped, tooled around some more.


It was a nice slow ride as the sign said. I saw just one more bike in the park. Pretty much the last warm day to ride. Its 45 this morn but raining. I did spend some time dialing in the Borealis a bit more. You would think by now I would have done things like that but usually its my bikes that get worked on last. Today I have a new chainring coming for it. I will  show it off later.

While I have never mentioned it here. I had a nice trip planned to Hayward next weekend. It’s been in the books for weeks. But I’ve decided not to go. Two reasons. One… Im just in the worst bike shape in my life. Mostly due to weight gain. I’ve always been a bigger guy and as I get older its harder and harder to deal with. Today Im the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve got some work\choices to do.

Second is the lack of snow. Several weeks ago they were out on skis. The trails were not groomed but snow covered. Today its back to mud and rain up there. If Im going to spend the money at this time of year I need snow. So Im sure I wont get another chance this month but maybe…  Then a trip in Jan, one in Feb and of course the Fatbike Birkie in March. That’s the plan anyway.

So along with selling the 920 last Friday I also sold my Crockett.  eTap and all. I am road bike less right now. And thats OK for winter. Hence the 29+ wheelset for the fat bike for the group rides in winter.  That should last me till spring. I dont need no stickin road bike in winter.

However, this is the perfect time to resurrect Pinky. Its down to bare frame, sitting upstairs in storage somewhere. I’ll give that some thought this week. I would have to buy wheels and an entire drive for it. But I could go cheap…

That’s about it for the weekend. I have two bikes to box and ship and a little ordering to do…



No More Touring


There goes the US Sam Laud. Heading for  Waukegan,IL. Most ;likely carrying road salt.

Today my 920 sold on eBay. I loved this bike and just did not get to use it enough. Not sure with what Im going to replace it with or if I will at all. I just dont tour a whole lot anymore. And if I ever do I worry about what to ride then.


I sold it complete. That’s so much nicer than piece by piece. Here it is today, ready to be boxed up.


Here it is in winter mode.


And here in July of 2016. The only time I used my expensive tent since buying it in 2014. To this day I used it just that one nite. Cripes thats sad.

Another thing is that touring is kinda being replaced with “bikepacking”. Which is pretty much the same thing but you have a bike that can go on or off road, and you carry a lot less with you. So maybe I will go in that direction. Its getting pretty popular and there are rides up north that go over the river and thru the woods for a few days. Kinda like backpacking with a bike, hence the name. The way the bags attach to the bike are way different. They dont hang down as low. Take a look at the Trek 1120. This is most likely the way I will go when the time comes.


Kinda looks like this loaded up. I think you can get bigger bags for the back but you get the idea. So maybe that is my future of touring… or bikepacking. Whatever.

I should get some riding in this weekend. The weather will still be in the 40’s during the day but from what I hear the jet stream changes mid week next week ands then the highs could just be in the teens some days. Maybe a little snow. Will see.

Tomorrow morn will be the usual Saturday morning group ride and with the warmer temps should be well attended. So thats about it for now. Have a good weekend and get outside.



Nite Ride

The Tuesday nite ride has been going on here for many years. Way before I started riding in 2001. It’s a tradition here and now with fatbikes it runs longer into the winter. It usually starts right around the time switch to daylight savings and runs until there was too much snow in the woods. Fat bikes now extend the ride into deeper snow. If we had any.


Now there’s a seasonal light snow in the city park we ride in. A little something more to look at I guess. You can drive your car thru real slow to see all the lights and then donate money and canned goods at the end. When this light thing started there was a little uproar by the cross country skiers as the trail crossed the road of the then closed park. Now its plowed thru the end of December for this and the trails got compromised a lot.

However it’s not been a big deal as we just have not had the snow to make a difference. Last year we got a good snow about the middle of Dec but it all melted a week later. So its not had the impact on our skiing as we all once thought.

In fact last nite is was near 50 degrees at 7pm. Crazy warm. Looking at the 10 day it all above average temps and no snow. All this talk about having a “normal” winter here is starting to wane. I just dont believe it anymore.

In fact I am trying to change the business model of my store to not rely on skis\snowshoes in the winter. It just does not look like we will get the winters needed to sell enough of the stuff to pull a Wisconsin bike store thru winter. More on this later.

The ride was super fun last nite. I ran super low pressure on my rear tire to smooth things out and for the most part that worked but I kept burping the air out cuz the tire was so squishy. Made for a smooth ride but I had to stop and pump it up a bit to finish.

I think you are going to hear me talk a lot about going to a rigid fat bike this winter. You might get a little sick of it. Unless it snows. Then its the best thing since sliced bread. But until I actually get to ride on snow, which was maybe twice last year, I might complain about giving up my full suspension Farley a bit too soon. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

Anyway, the nite ride was fun last nite.


Two Eagles\Two Rides


Saw these guys this morn in the park. I see the eagles pretty much in the same tree around the same time of day. More in the fall\winter. Almost never in the summer. I guess they got better places to be then. Another milestone today as I was the only one in the park. No campers or visitors. That usually does not happen until it gets much colder.

Sunday I saw a window of opportunity and took it. The weather dudes were calling for lows in the mid 20’s so I called out a beach ride. I had low expectations as we tried this a little over a week ago and it was a bust. It had gotten cold but not long enough to freeze the beach. Sunday was different as the beach was adequately froze for us and it was a great ride. First frozen beach ride of the winter is always awesome. We had to start early and glad we did. The beach was thawing right out from under us.

Sunday morn.

Still getting used to the rigid bike. But beach riding is not a problem at all in that respect. Everything worked well and when the trail is smooth Im enjoying the lighter weight bike. The 4.5in tires are nice too. But I still think I can get away with a 3.8 all day. The weight difference between the two sizes is less than 100 gram per tire so its kinda a no brainer running the larger rubber. My thoughts are that it will help smooth out the ride better than a 3.8. Or in other words I can run the pressure I bit lower before bashing the rim on a rock or something. Anyway, we got our first beach ride in. Looking at the 10 day it looks like warmer than average. In fact it looks like nothing under the freezing mark until the middle of December. That’s going against pretty much what all the predictions said. Everyone including the Weather Service said everything points to a colder and wetter winter than we have seen of late. And then we have this. 40’s and even 50’s into December. Im not very optimistic right now. But I have to keep telling myself its early yet. I will try to be as patient as I can.

Saturdays group ride was a bust for me as I got dropped and could not tag back on. I get very upset with myself when that happenes. Even a bit depressed. The winds were crazy. Like 30= mph gusts with 20+ sustained. I was literally down to 6 mph into the wind. Not a lot of fun when your riding home along after watching the group ride away from you.

But, Im over it. Life goes on. Also Saturday we had out Thanksgiving with the kids and grandkids and way more food than any of us could eat so that was nice.

Thats bout it for the weekend. Next ride will be the Tuesday nite ride. Weather looks nice.