Hitch Rack.

This will be the last time I mount a bike on the back of my car. Rack is sold.

Last day for rear rack.

This time of year I ditch the rear rack and opt to put the bikes on top the car, up and away from the winter road grime. Initially, I had planned to use the rear rack for my trip out west (that I will talk about more later) but as I plan said trip, I realize the potential for driving in snow is very possible. I guess I would not have thought that but doing some research about average temps where I want to ride has the lows lower than I thought with the higher altitude.  So on the roof the bikes will go. I would of liked the better gas milage of the bikes behind the car and I guess I could have used it on nice days and always had the option of the roof if I needed it but I have a buyer for the rear rack so sold it is. I can use the money for the trip anyway.

My riding this weekend was limited. Friday morn was a rain out. Saturday morn was a rain out. Sunday came and the weather was near spectacular. 70’s and sun. I would have wanted to ride in the woods but with the two days of rain I thought I better stay out. I did grab the cross bike and thru down 20 miles with some gravel and singletrack. But very little of the last two surfaces. It was a bit wet in the woods but I just tooled around a bit. Cross bike rides are the best I always say. I never just ride on the road with one. Its always a mix.

Today, Im turning ther store into a little more winter. Moving down some ski’s and stuff. Moving some of the summer stuff around. Summer clothes go upstairs, winter clothes come down. That’s about it on the storefront, the transition from summer to winter is historically the slowest time of the year.

That and Im working on two things that Im not going to talk about right now. Like I mentioned, one is my trip west. As much as I think about it its not a 100% for sure deal. Im looking at 10 days gone. Thats a big deal and not sure its possible but I am working toward that. The other could be big news on the store front but cant say anything until the ink is dry…..  one of those things.

Right now every morning is ride morning potentially. The store does not open until 11 so I need to take advantage of this time of year and just go. For the most part I do a pretty good job of that. Maybe tomorrow.



Back to Bikes


Had a nice MTB ride this morn. Slow, easy. Took my time and looked at stuff. To me those are the best. It was only maybe a 50 minute ride but a nice ride before work.


Yesterday was long ride Wednesday and I headed out with a few others. 30 miles with a coffee stop. I had my cross (gravel) bike with the 40m (gravel) tires on and the others had their carbon road rockets. Needless to say I was the slowest. I mean more than usual.

But I am just done with road bikes and you should be too. I’ll still ride on the road but the days of riding a 22mph paceline is over. I think long ride Wednesday might morph into some kind of cross ride that has us on road and woods. At least I hope so but most of the guys that ride with me then do not have a cross (gravel) bike.

Its full on Fall right now and its game on to get out in the woods. It getting a bit cooler out too. 45 degrees at ride time today. I had knickers and a long sleeve jersey for the first time this fall. It’s time to go thru my gear bag and add in some cooler weather clothing.

The store has slowed to the point where I can pretty much do everything myself. Im here alone 95% of the time now but will bring in someone to cover when I need a break.

I never think so far ahead but Im putting together a road trip out west in about 3 to 4 weeks. A lot has to happen to make it a go but right now Im thinking of hitting up Durango,CO and Moab, UT. Anyway, I won’t talk about it too much for a few weeks yet but thats what’s in my head right now…

I have been on a bike the last 3 mornings and not sure if I will make tomorrow number 4. But I dont see any reason right now not to. Im also thinking about the upcoming nite ride season. Ive stocked up on lights and am ready to go. Just got to pick a day and call it out. It’s completely dark now when I leave the store at 7pm. I really hate that. 

That’s going to be about it for this week. I plan on getting on the bike both days this weekend with maybe a small road trip to ride my MTB somewhere else besides here. Will see. Have a good weekend! Get outside.





Back home, back to normalcy and back to my fav bench by the lake.

Couple of closing comments on the Disney thing: I am tired. I slept 11 hours both Saturday and Sunday nites. My body just seems to want to catch up. I havent had coffee for five days until today. Was just hard to do when you started sweating the second you opened the hotel door. The heat was ongoing and relentless. I went thru coffee withdrawal having headaches for a couple days but was past it when I got home and considered many ditching coffee altogether but what the hell, Im old and i dont drink it to excess so I started back up this morning.

Yesterday I thru down a slow 20 mile road ride and it was nice to get outside on a bike. And not sweat.

A few asked about any damage at Disney with the hurricane a few weeks ago.

Batten down the hatches.

All I noticed was these things on selected trees. Which I learned they did just before the high winds came to save some of the more expensive trees. They told me they did 600 of these in one nite. I saw them all over the place.

Today, Im back to the store and just catching up one thing at a time. But its not too bad considering I was gone a week. By noon I was halfway done.

So back to work I go. The store is slow enough for me to be alone here 80% of the time. Ive also am opening the store an hour later now at 11am instead of 10. Gives me more ride time. It’s almost dark now when I close so all of my riding has to be done in the morning. Starting with a ride tomorrow morn. MTBs in the morning. Followed up by a road ride on Long Ride Wednesday morn.

Im thinking a weekend up in Marquette might be in order in the next few weeks. Will see about that….


Disney (part 2)


Its Friday at 3pm eastern time and I am done. All four parks in 5 days. Today we returned to Magic Kindom for a second visit. Im already back the the hotel, everyone else is still there. Since we talked last thing took a turn for the worse. I guess it was the heat that beat me down. Around 95 everyday, Thats close to 100 in the parks. 

Its like riding a mountain stage for 6 days with only one rest day. Everyday just wore me down a bit more. We would get back from the parks around 9ish and I was straight to bed. Only to get up around 8 and head out the door for another day fighting the heat. Relentless.

Ironically, if it was not for the heat I would of had a pretty good time of it. The knees held out. I wore knee braces the first day but took them off the rest of the week. I was pleasantly surprised with how my knees handled all the walking.

So as I type this I am done with the parks. Time to relax the rest of the day. Flying home late tomorrow. Still have most of the day to deal with tomorrow. Flight at 6pm.

I am looking forward to coming home. Looking forward to not sweating. That would be nice. Also looking forward to getting back to bike stuff.

But all in all it was a nice time with the Fam. I wouldn’t do it again anytime soon but glad I did heat and all.

Have a good weekend.