Weekend Update


Not a bad weekend. The post rain weather continues to be amazing. I finally got out in the woods on Sunday. Kinda was a epic day for me. I guess maybe a first. With the ebike, its not just being able to climb steeper hills, its also about riding longer.

Sunday I put in two laps at New Fane, then scooted over to Greenbush for some more time in the saddle. All the trails were dry. In Greenbush I did not do loop 4 as I heard they did not finish cleaning out the downed trees there yet. Maybe it was done then but I just did not care to find out.

 I had a HR monitor on the second ride. I was still working. But I did notice my max was about 10 beats off pre ebike. And thats fine by me.  171 is still getting after it.

But this day would not have been possible without some assist. No way I could have lugged my fat ass for 15 miles. As much as my ego gets beat up the ebike is still doing its job well.

Ive been still sending these rides over to Strava. But I dont really want to. As you would expect Ive been blowing up my PR’s on the ebike. Not saying Im getting any KOMs. Far from. But I’ve been trying to either delete or mark private all the ebike rides. At least the ones that grab any false PR’s. People have been concerned that I would grab all the Strava KOM stuff on this bike and thats not reality. Again, I will confess I am using the lowest level of assist. But really thats all I need. I dont need to ride the trails super fast. I just need to ride the trails without having to walk some hills and such. I won’t go over old news here. Anyway, Sunday was a nice ride. Cool temps and two trail systems.

Today was a walking day so I headed out to our local State Park. After I finished my coffee I headed out for a walk but the mosquitoes were nuts. All the prior rain has produced a population explosion. I got 10 minutes into the woods and just had to turn around. They were awful. So I thought I would get out of the cover of the woods and headed out on one of the boardwalks.


And I didnt get far. The remnants of all the rain a week ago is still around and show where all the mosquitoes are coming from. This walk was also a fail. Its been getting in the low 50’s at nite so I thought the bugs would be on the way out but they seem on the way up. Warmer weather the next few days will most likely keep me from walking the woods. I’ll ride a bike instead I guess.

Just so I stay busy.


Riding, Walking and Eating


Im pretty optimistic today. Im eating less and moving more. Yesterday I put in a 30 mile ride before work. Today it was a hour walking in the woods. I can’t put my finger on it but this time it feels different. It feels like I’m not having to go out of my to do this stuff. In fact, I get up in the morning and can’t wait to get outside. I hope this continues. Without going into it I believe Ive hit rock bottom in that regard and really have no choice. Sometimes its easier when the decision was made for you.

To be honest, I think the ebike has helped bring this on. In my head I hope to not have that bike for long. I can’t put my finger on it 100 percent but I can say I feel more motivated than ever before and Im not going to try and figure out why as I dont want to jinx it.

Yesterday ride was nice. It was nice to not have to be in a hurry to get a ride in before work. That extra hour makes a huge difference. I braved the city and rode the the park. Stopping at stuff along the way. 2 hours ride time. Ive got the Checkpoint spiffed up and ready for some gravel riding. I hope to get up north several times before it snows.

Yesterday I added Bontrager’s one piece stem\bar. This thing retails at $600 and looks cool. When I sell the Checkpoint it will go on next years road bike. So that, along with the Zipp NSW’s and WTB’s 42c Resolute’s make this a pretty sweet bike and ready to rock some gravel roads somewhere. For me the only thing missing is electronic shifting but the 105 works perfectly. So I’ll save that for next years bike.


The new bar\stem and some matching camo tape make the cockpit. I hope to ride this bike a lot before winter.

I dont have a lot going on this weekend. I think I will ride the checkpoint home tonite and back again tomorrow. Im alone in the store all day today and tomorrow. Sunday I acually hope to get in the woods with the Powerfly. I think I’ve waiting long enough to dry things out. Not sure where I’ll ride. Somewhere.

Im hoping to get up north every third week or so. Ongoing. At least thats the plan. Some of the weekend might just be up Saturday morn and back Sunday aft but thats better than nothing. Only one nite stay is cheaper too.

Anyway, thats it for this week. I just might not post a lot about my weight loss. Unless I want to. But for now for me its just sit back and make it work.

Have a good weekend.


Muggy and Wet

Fog. Lots.

Not much for riding. These past days have either been raining or too foggy to road ride. Sure, there are some small windows of time to ride but Im just not lined up to hit them. I tried to ride Sunday but turned back after 10 minutes. Just too foggy and I forgot my raer lite at the store. That was my extent of riding over the Holiday.

No riding in the woods yet. Just too wet. I hear we are going to have two or almost three days without rain coming up. That would be nice. Crazy how we had almost no rain for the last few months, were way below average and now are at near average or above. The middle of the state got 4 more inches last nite. And even tho we have had a lot of rain for the most part we have missed the majority. Just minor flooding here. Nothing like Milwaukee or Madison.

Of late I have been collecting parts to rebuild my Checkpoint into a bitchin gravel bike. It’s been mostly stock all summer but thats about to change. Its should be done by Friday and will be posting pics everywhere.

Opening the store at 11 now is giving me some nice time in the morning to do stuff. Today I walked a couple miles on the beach. Im going to be doing this a lot in the near future. And its because of the ebike. Im just not happy riding the bike. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great at what it does. It’s not the bike its me. I just dont want to be the guy on the ebike. I dont want to be the odd guy (Im mean more than usual). Im re committing to losing weight. I know.. again. Getting in a walk before work is key. I spend more calories walking than riding. My body has become so efficient at riding as anyone who rides a lot. But a mile walk has me sweating thru my clothes. I need to do more of that. Cross training of sorts. More on this later. I almost hate to mention it. I’ve done so many times and failed.

For the time being, I’ll ride the ebike for sure but its my new goal to get back on a normal bike. And I hate to use the word normal. The ebike is a bike. I still ride it with heart rate. But I guess I still ride solo just as much as before. I dont need assist if Im alone. And my time on the ebike is limited. Fat bikes are shipping and soon (in about a month) I’ll build mine. If things go as planned, I’ll ride it thru the beginning if November, then I’ll be on a fatbike anyway and sell the Powerfly.

But a lot of rides will happen before that. Hopefully this weekend. If the rain stays away it should be dry enough in the woods to ride.

I hope so. It’s been a week and a half since I’ve been in the woods with the MTB.



Rising water.

So last week I took the ebike home twice. As you would expect it was a nice easy commute. Sure its a big MTB with fat tires but on turbo assist that does not really matter.

In a car it takes me about 12 minutes to get home. On the ebike it was 18 minutes. Just a extra 6 minutes, or 12 total out of my day to leave the car home. Sure, it’s usually a little longer in the morning as Im screwing round. But thats on my time.

Yesterday I took the Checkpoint instead. And I was pleasantly surprised to make it home in 22 minutes. Just four minutes longer than the ebike. Which only points out the fact I do not need a ebike to commute back and forth to work. Just when I want to MTB in the woods.

Ton of rain this week. We will be out of the woods for awhile anyway. Tuesday had big storms with a bunch of small tornadoes. The sirens went off late Tuesday so I jumped in my car and headed west only to find nothing. Just wind and rain. Lots of rain.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-28 at 4.43.15 PM
Storm passing overhead.

About 14 miles west the front passed me. No rotation where I was. I turned around and headed back to the store.

The State trails I ride on (more now that I have the ebike) got hammered. 30+ trees down. It’s going to take a long time to clean up. So, like I said, no MTBing for awhile.

So it will be the Checkpoint for the time being. I have the 2.0 tires back on it. I had road bike tires on it for awhile but Im done with long road rides. It’s hard to get much more than 15mph out of those big tires but thats good enough for me. It’s a versatile bike and I like to keep my options open.

This weekend does not look like a lot of riding anyway. I work all day tomorrow and Sunday I have family stuff. Hopefully the woods will start to dry out but not until the rains tonite and tomorrow morn. Flood watch out again. Crazy weather.

Have a good weekend.