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2019 and Beyond


With huge gaps in posts it seems things change so much. My post last Friday had me complaining about lack of winter, and while that is still true we did get a bit of winter Mon\Tues. Maybe 2 inches of snow here but more the further west you went from the big lake. But the woods is white and thats a good thing. Still not enough to ski on but at least it resembles a winter.


Alas, the winter – esk weather won’t be around long. The weather dudes are calling out 40+ degrees on Saturday and Sunday. With chance of rain on Sunday. But today is Wednesday and we have rode both yesterday and today in the morning and will continue to do so until its gone. At some point you would think colder weather would stick around. It seems we get some snow but its never here long. So we ride every morn that its here. When it go’s away then its back to the beach.


The last two rides have been amazing. Snow covered trees. Like we are riding in another world. You ride with your head on a swivel. Things look so different when white. And its kinda sad that things are like that. In the past we always had snow in winter and it was not such a big deal. Now its like the circus comes to town. Everyone is out doing as much as they can. Especially since it could all be gone in a few days.

As far as the New Years, it was quiet and thats the way I like it. It was nice having back to back 3 day weekends. But now its back at it. With nothing really pending. Now its hibernation in the store for the next 6 or so weeks. Lay low. Ride bikes. Pray for snow. Plan trips up north.

There still is a chance for some winter this year. It’s only the beginning of January. But Im looking at the 10 day today with temps still above freezing. Thats a bummer. When someone asks about the winter of 2019 I’ll tell them it was a great week we had.


No Winter for You

I hate to complain. Im pretty good at it. But this weather is nuts. Almost 50 degrees last nite with 24 hours of rain. Right now its 40. And will drop to the high teens tonite. Its like we can get all four seasons in a few hours here. Of course what little snow fell Christmas day is all gone. The frost is coming back out of the ground and the woods are soggy. So all we have to ride is the road. Maybe the beach. Its a bummer. Its just about Jan 1st and Im so close to writing off winter already. Looking to the 10 day forecast I see nothing. I see temps in the upper 30’s. Bummer. I will complain about this more later.

If you remember, I took this bike off the floor and threw some of my stuff on it to ride this winter. Ive decided I cant run big enough tires on it and am putting it back to stock and then selling it online. Just dont want to see it anymore. In its absence I have decided to build up Pinky again. For the 15th or so time.

Found it.

There it is behind the ladder. I’ll need a driveline and wheels. The rest I have. Its got crappy caliper brakes but I’ll deal with it for while. It’s a winter bike anyway. I can run almost 40c tires them. Much better. Now I have those green Panaracers I used once. I’ll sell them online too.

I hope the colder weather will freeze the beach back up. The woods will be just the woods. Frozen grey ground and leaves. Its still good conditions for a full suspension MTB. I miss my EX I had earlier in the summer. And I still could be rockin the Powerfly since we have bare frozen ground. Ive also been thinking about studded tires. How crazy is that (for me). I mean, really no float needed for these winters to a 4in tire is just fine. With all this rain one day then deep freeze the next might have some ice around. Even when it snows it ends up rain at some point, melting all the snow and then refreezing again. I did have studs on for about two weeks last year.

I hate the way they sound on cement. And the added weight for such a sparse use. Its funny how I can talk myself into something, then talk me out of it. I would consider studding my own. Maybe use half the studs. I’ll think about it. But today I will take inventory on what parts I need to get Pinky back up and running. Its got a 2 by crank but I might just use the big ring and go one by but then again a front derailer is cheap. I dont know….

The upcoming Holiday is not such a big deal to me. I hope to ride pretty much everyday Saturday thru Tuesday. Might be a lot of beach riding. And thats fine by me. Have a Good extended weekend.


Christmas 2018


The Christmas holiday went pretty much as planned. But I’ll start from the start. Saturdays group ride was OK. The water surge was up on the lake but it was still doable. 7 or 8 riders. I had to turn around and get to work but I did get in a nice beach ride. One of three during this break. I then planned out another ride Sunday morn. One other showed up and then after an uneventful Saturday at work it was the second beach ride in as many days. But on Sunday the water was much lower and we had a ton more beach to ride on. Was a nice start to my three day Holiday.

Monday, Christmas Eve was our big day with my wife having to work Christmas day. So Monday was spent opening presents and the kids\grandkids hanging out. And if was not for that I would consider this Holiday a disaster. For me anyway. As with any Holiday I just tend to eat way too much. I mean, thats pretty much anybody but as my life motto go’s, nothing in moderation. I pretty much started eating Sunday around noon when the food comes out. And didnt stop until it got put away last nite. We just put out way too much. With people coming and going pretty steady for 3 days its all out all the time. Bowls that get emptied get refilled. For me, its like lining up shots for three days for an alcoholic. Not that I know what that is like, I assume its like me not being able to walk thru the house without eating. Monday night I went to bed thinking I was going to puke. Tuesday the same thing but not as bad. For this reason I dont like to Holidays but its my issue and I’ll deal with it. Moving on.

Christmas morn.

So with all Fam stuff done on the Eve, I had pretty much Christmas day to myself. Which was nice but felt weird at the same time. The third beach ride and a little snow. Just a dusting and things technically were a little white so I guess it was a white Christmas after all. As I drove across town to ride on the beach at 830am the streets were so empty. It looked scary. Like in some apocalyptic movie. I saw maybe one car as I drove. But then on the way home about 1130am I saw a ton of cars parked with their trunk\ hatch open. Everyone was loading up their cars with all the new stuff they got and was funny to see that.

Tuesdays ride was pretty nice. Almost no waves and a white dusting. I took my time. Saw others walking the beach. Some were alone and I hoped they were not alone for the Holidays. But Im sure circumstances were close to mine. We all smiled and said Merry Christmas to each other. I rode slow, stopped a few times. Sat a spell and then continued on. I had all the time in the world. At least until 4pm when my wife comes home.

Sat a spell. Took my time. Tuesday.

After 10 miles on the beach I hit up a little woods. There is not a lot there but some. There are some horse trails there we can ride one. So I did that too.

Explored a bit too….. a good ride. Tuesday.

So I survived the Christmas Holiday. I ate too much but got in a few nice bike rides. Spent some time with the Fam and even got to take a Christmas day nap. Im making an effort not to eat a lot this week and I will not weigh myself until some time early January. The upcoming New Year is not the same. I can handle that one pretty easy.

So its back to work for four days, then another 3 days off. Not sure what’s happening then but I guess I’ll take it as it comes.


Christmas Break

Its been a pretty uneventful end to the weekend. I do have some things to look forward to. For the first time ever Im closing the store on both the Eves this Holiday season. If there was snow on the ground I would for sure be open for ski rentals but we have bare grass so no need. So that means two three day weekends in a row! Never before in the history of the store have I had that much time off this time of year.

Dec, 21st. 2016 I dream of this.

While this weekend will of course be filled with Christmas stuff, the New Years weekend Im thinking maybe another quickie up to Marquette. Sun\Mon\Tues. We really dont do anything for that one anyway. So thats on my mind right now. Depends if I can find reasonable accomodations. Will see.

The group ride tomorrow has historically been a bigger group as some who moved away might be back in town for the Holidays. Im not sure if its going to be a road ride or beach ride. It’s going to be cold enough for the beach but the surge is high, leaving not much beach to ride on. And at 26 degrees the road will suck. So I either got the fat bike or the road bike to ride. I dont have a bike to do either\or. Since I have to be back at the store to open I’ll most likely ride the fat bike and if the beach sucks I can just hit up the limited woods riding there.

This Christmas week has been busy but it started later than usual. It is what it is. Heading into the new year with no snow will mean a very quiet January. At least to start. I see no snow on the 10 day watch. In the back of my mind I want to push the coffee more. Thinking of some sort of curbside service. I’ll work on that after the Holidays.

So as we head into the Holiday season Im the kind of guy that does not get into the mood very early. In fact I just dont feel it until the last minute. It will hit me maybe Sunday. Having all the kids\grandkids Monday morn, then the rest of the family on Tuesday night. In the end I enjoy the Holiday season more every year.

I hope to get in a little riding. I will keep an eye on the beach all weekend. And will take my fat bike home with me after I shut down Saturday afternoon. This will be the last post until after Christmas. Everyone have a good one and get outside!