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Catching Up


So with the store consuming me I have to catch up with current events, First off is the weather. 7 days ago we have great skiing. I tried to get out but to no avail. And here is what we have today. Once agin we get rain instead of snow and all the snow is gone and we are back to flooding. Just south of here they got over 2 inches or rain, we got less but its enough to end all skiing. I am pretty much done. Done with skiing, selling\renting skis. I skied twice this year. Which is just one less than last year. Thats 5 times in the last two years. Sure, we could get some snow again, and probably will. But such snow so late in the year has nobody thinking of skiing anymore. Everybody’s mind just moves on. The Birkie is this weekend and even if we did have snow most of the avid skiers cut way back after this weekend. I always said March skiing could be the best but Im really not caring much. Im not ready to put storage wax on my ski’s yet but they for sure will not be thought of much anymore.

Tomorrow looks like more rain. Temps near 40 almost everyday now with a 20 degree day throw in now and then. Im already putting together my spring bike order but will wait a few weeks for that.

I hope the coffee thing goes well. I would consider ditching the ski’s. Or maybe rentals only. I say that now. we’ll see next year.

Im still hoping to get a ride in the morning. Its suppose to rain\freezing rain then. What else is new.




Here’s my new office. The smallest one I have ever had. But thats fine by me. It’s just a big “cubicle” right next to the POS counter. That’s good and bad. Good because Im close to the action, and bad because Im close to the action. I will have to be careful with any personal calls I make. Im sitting literally 5 feet from the counter and everybody will hear every word. But I think thats a small inconvenience to have. It will be nice when Im working alone. 

My tiny little cubicle. Its small but I call it home.

Just 3 steps and Im in the action. And… no steps to run down when Im working in the shop. It’s all just set up better for working alone.

As I fell asleep last nite I pretty much concluded that moving to the riverfront location was a mistake. A 5 year mistake. It sure was a nice building with great views but overall was not good for the purpose I leased it for. Just having two floors was a nightmare. I always justified it saying I spent more time there than home so having a nice building along the river was just a nicer work environment. And it for sure was. But it was expensive and not good for retail. It was nice but Im glad Im glad in out. 

Things are going to be so much simpler here. And cheaper. Also, where I was on the riverfront I could not do a coffee shop as one of the city’s best shops was just two doors down. And the city’s second best shop is two blocks away. And the city’s third best shop was 5 blocks away. And I really wanted to add the coffee to the business. That scenario will be much better in this new location.


The coffee bar will go in right behind the counter. I still need to have plumbing and electrical work done there to accommodate. The empty taped off section is where tables and chairs will go. Im trying to leave it empty to keep floor perspective. Actually I might go out and get two sets of table\chairs just to get perspective. Maybe this weekend.

The $8k of coffee equipment will come about mid March. So I have three weeks to get the accommodations set up to hook them up. I do have the plumber coming tomorrow to assess the situation.

It’s still weird driving here. Both my first store and the last one were just a few blocks apart so the drive was the same. I kinda did it automatically every morn. And it was on the way to the park anyway.

Now Im on the westside of town. I was about as far east as you could be, right by the lake. Now Im about as far west as you could go, not far from the Interstate. The next town west is maybe 5 blocks away. It’s just a weird feeling. I guess no different than switching to a new job.

My mornings have been so busy ongoing. But tomorrow I dont need to be in the store until 10am. So I can sneak in a visit to my fav park. Friday I dont need to be here till 11 or even later as I have help here and might take the morning off. A nice bike ride is the thought but it looks like rain then. But we’ll see.


The Move.

First day yesterday.

We have moved and are open for biz. While there is a lot of little things to do it is done for the most part. We had everything moved and in store by Saturday afternoon. I had the truck rented for Sunday too but we took it back  a day early. Friday we had a big crew to move the heavy things. Saturday was everything else. Then Sunday was networking the computers and my I.T. guy Ben did a awesome job. Everything is hard wired and not on wifi which is the right way to do things….

Also Sunday it was set up. Another 10 hours for me. We finished most up yesterday. With just finishing touches left. A little painting to do, hanging stuff. But for the most part things are where they will be at least for awhile.

I had such good help with this. I had a great foreman in Jon V. Could not have done it without him. I will think of something to do for everyone who helped. We went from walking in, finding out the heat did not work, to open in less than 10 days. Thats nuts.

Sept 2017

Here’s what the space looked like when I first looked at it back in Sept. It’s just hard to believe what everyone did in less than 10 days.

I still have the old store until April 30th so its nice to not have to clean it out under the gun. There still is a few odds and ends over there and I will be stopping there almost every day before work to take a little at a time and to make sure things are OK there.

I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike. Couple of weeks ago after we got 8 inches of snow and I did not ride long. Before that it was maybe a week prior I had the snowy road ride? It was this ride on Feb 3rd. And that one was cut short also. So its the 20th and I have no real ride to speak of in this month.

After that snowy ride on 32c road tires I went out and got these. I’ve rode the Bonty CX 0’s a ton in the past but they were 35c. Now they make 38c. Very close to the 40c Clement MSO’s I ran on the Crockett last summer. Nice all around tread. I got then right after that ride in early Feb and they have not seen any surface besides carpet. I might try to get out Thursday morn.

Its going to be weird riding from the new store. Completely across town. But there is two bike paths that criss cross right in front of the mall Im in. So it’s going to be easy to do, just weird to get used to. New scenery. Farther away from my fav park. Need to find the quickest ride there from here…..

That’s about it. Still pretty busy getting the store 100% done. If it will ever be…


Calm Before the Storm

This will be the last post till Monday… wait, Tuesday. Monday morn is then my phone\internet get hooked up. That makes me a bit nervous. I mean more nervous that I am already..

Yesterday was a nice day out of the store for me attending the CABDA show. Almost 5 hours of driving and a bit over 3 hours in the show but was worth it just to say hi to everybody.


This morn was the first time hanging out by the lake all week. Pretty gray and dark. I had planned a ride this morn but its just too wet and even icy in spots. Slight drizzle. So I bailed.

So, today is just packing things up. I plan on making a couple trips over to the store with a few boxs. Tomorrow morning too. Then, at 4pm tomorrow I’ll have a box truck that I rented for Fri thru Sunday and its game on. Im going to have a ton of help. I could not do this without a select few. I’ll have to do something real nice for them when done….

All the heavy stuff will be hauled Friday nite and Saturday. Saturday at 4pm the phones computers go over….  Sunday bright and early my crack IT guy Ben will be in to string up all three computers. And Sunday will be moving all product including all the bikes, car racks and such.

Monday morn, at 11am, we flip the switch and its game on in the new location. We will then take out time putting up the pictures and posters and such.

Once the bike stuff is up, then I take a deep breath and start the final planning of the coffee shop. In fact, I’ll have the coffee space in the store taped off to keep perspective when we set up the bike stuff.

Right now its the calm before the storm. The old store is in complete disarray and its hard to sell anything right now. Some product in the new store, some in boxes, some on the floor. But the middle of February is the best time to be doing this.

So next time I type here I will be at the new store.


Really, I’ve been on this since Sept of last year and it crazy how fat its going. I first got the keys to this space 7 days ago. Since then we have spackled all the holes in the wall, painted, hung most od the slatewall, had the carpets steamed, plumber in to get the water up and today the electrician stops in to add some outlets for the computers.

When I got the keys last Thursday the furnace was not working and its on the roof. I was freaking out and was ready to postpone everything a week. It amazing how well things have went since. Almost scary.

But along with all the huge help I’ve received this is my third store to set up. So I kinda have done this before.

And I gatta say it does not get any easier. Have a good weekend. And I hope I have one too.