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Its looking to be in the 40’s this weekend and ongoing the next 10 days. We are having a green Christmas here in Wisconsin. That’s always sad when that happens. It’s too warm for the beach riding and now too muddy in the woods. In fact the frost is coming back out of the ground making it pretty greasy. We are reduced to road riding.

Waiting for tires.

All I have to ride is the fat bike. So now what do I do? So I had this Domane ALR 4 frame sitting around. I also had a full Tiagra Hydro group in a box. Some other stuff from a BMC that was parted out.  So I built this up yesterday to ride in this so called springtime. I think we could call this “Indian summer” since we did not get one in November. Or “Native American summer” for those politically correct. I sure am glad I did not order those skis.

So the bike is 10 speed Tiagra which is pretty much Ultegra from a few years ago. The wheels are the ones that I had on my Checkpoint for awhile. And on my 920 last year. I think whose wheels were actually on at least 5 different bikes, I’ve had them about 4 years.

I am trying to figure out how big a tire I can run. I put on 28’s and had a lot of room. I put on 35’s and the tire fit in the frame but rubbed on the arm of the front derailer. I considered just leaving the front D off but would be too much work to eliminate it and I dont have a one by crank for it anyway. So I ordered some 32c gravel tires that will be here today. I hope they fit. If not its the 28c’s then.

So the group ride tomorrow will be mostly a road ride. Maybe a little woods but I’ll just skip that. Its pretty tame woods but Im fine not doing it on this bike. Ongoing it might be road rides for  awhile. Now I wish I would have ordered that replacement Checkpoint but I really thought I would not need it. I was planning to skip that build and go right to the road bike. I do have that road bike planned out but its something to be talked about at a later date.

UPDATE: As I was typing the UPS guy stopped and I threw the tire on the back of the bike and it fit!  32c Panaracer Gravelkings! Looking cool!

Yes, its green.

So this is the bike I’ll ride on my Saturday group rides unless there is chance of beach. Then the fat tire will be logical. These tires sure make the Domane look like a true gravel bike. Then again I kinda think it is a little anyway. Anything with road geometry and good tire clearance is pretty much a gravel bike anyway.

Anyway, I’ll get this bike finished and measured up for me and I’ll most likely ride it both Saturday and Sunday. And mostly next week. Until we get some frozen ground. Whenever that will be. But at least I’ll be outside. Hope you get outside too this weekend. Have  good one.



Its the mid week post. Not a lot to report. We did have a great Tuesday nite ride last nite. A ton of bikes! Now all we need is some snow. In fact, a couple of us went back to the park for a little ride this morn and it started raining. 38 degrees and rain. Why to I even still live here? So frustrating.

The store is getting Holiday busy. That’s always good to see. Today I was finally going to pull the trigger on that ski order I have queued up. But the rains came and its like it was trying to tell me something. So I didn’t put that order in. Its got to get close to snow first. Very frustrating. Looking at the forecast we might have a green Christmas.

Today I brought in a new product. Problem Solvers P-nut. It replaces that stupid little silver nut on your tubeless stems. So much easier to use. They solved a problem that really didn’t exist so hats off to them. I just toss those little nuts on my tubed stems. Not needed then. But so much easier to tighten on the tubeless stuff.

That’s really bout it today. Temps too warm for beach rides so tomorrow morn looks like a walking day. I have not been doing as much walking as I was a month ago. But riding a bit more. Still, need to keep everything going over the Holidays so I dont blow up like a balloon.

I just got some Holiday lites up yesterday in the store. On Dec 11th. A bit late. But better late than never. Will put a few more up today too.  I should be able to check in before the weekend.


Lots Of beach


Right now the beach is about as good as its going to get. We still have only 5 miles before we get cut off by a ton of rocks but thats a 10 mile ride and I call that good enough. With Sundays ride I rode here 4 times in the last 7 days. Maybe 10 times total this season.

Yesterday’s ride was about 8 bikes, Saturdays ride about 10. This morning I walked the beach and the sand looked like a highway. It looks like a million bikes were on it. Not that its a bad thing but I kinda want these rides to stay under the radar. Not that its illegal to do, but some of the beach dwellers just dont want that much activity between their house and the water. Some wave and say hi, others frown. We ran into a frown on Sunday.

As we rode by her place her dog ran out and was barking. We did stop to acknowledge the dog but the owner came out in her morning robe and asked, Im sure sarcastically “can I help you”? I said we were just turning around and going the other way and she responded with a pronounced “good!” I said to the others that we should just get going so we rode about 100 yards down the beach and stopped to talk. At that point she was still standing there in her robe, watching us. A little creepy.


When she first approached us we were not even near her property but her neighbours. It was not a bad confrontation but she let us know that we were not welcome. Her place is in fact right where we need to turn around anyway, so we just will turn around 50 yards sooner. No biggie.

I guess I can understand you pay big bucks for the beach house and want as much privacy as you can get, but people do walk (and ride) the beach. You almost have to expect it to some degree.

Anyway, I hope we stay under the radar. Really 98% of the people we come across, including land owners, give us a smile and a wave.

At some point the beach will go away for the most part. Deep snows keep us off. Also when it get very cold the ice formations form, then a strong east wind blows it all up consuming the entire beach area. Of course every year is different, even every week for that matter. Today we are still waiting for usable snow here. It’s not time to panic yet but it will be soon. Anyway, it was a nice riding weekend.



Had another good beach ride yesterday morn. The sun was out and the lake was calm. I got to visit an old freind too. There are many ways that a good ride is good. Maybe you had good legs that day or you were with some good friends. Or both. There’s a little story behind the three pics above and how yesterdays ride was epic.

Back in the day we had some land next to the State Park that we rode in. Been doing so for years. A lot of people walked it too. It was all adjacent to the State Park so it got pretty common to walk and ride in. Then about four years ago the owner of the land, a local business, stopped all use. It’s a kinda a big deal right now and a long story but I won’t go into that. Anyway, everyone got kicked out. And its their land so they have the right and it is what it is. 

Anyway, there were some nice trails on that land like I said, many would use. And every year about this time someone would carry in all the needed things to decorate this random tree on the trail. In the middle of the woods. It was just so cool to ride up to this tree every Holiday season. Nobody could ride past it without stopping. It just made me feel good that someone would take the time to do this for others to see. I never knew who did that but I would like to shake their hand. It was so cool. Just reminded me there was still cool people in this world.

So fast forward to this year, yesterday in fact. As I rode on the beach past this land like we always do now I just wondered what it looked like in there as it has been so long. I know Im not supposed to but I rode over the sand dunes to take a peek. As I looked around I saw a trail cam so I gave it a friendly wave as I exited. Then I saw the tree. Everything around it looked different but I recognized it immediately. And a million memories came flooding. I had to just ride over to it quick for one last pic. At some point in time it just might get cut down if the owners start to clear the land. So one more quick visit. Of course it was not decorated and I can’t believe how fast its grown. It’s much bigger. As soon as I got back to the store I looked for the old pics and found them. Memories.

So yeah, it was a good ride. And Im well aware writing this on a public forum might get me in trouble with the land owners. I hope not. My defence will be where I entered the woods I saw no signage. And it was just a quick peek. But I hope I dont need to lawyer up. 

But even if I do it was so worth it.