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Cold\Bike Pumps

Back in the day I used to post here everyday. Not so much anymore but I could. I’ve kinda decided in the past to keep this more of a personal blog. Try not to let any store advertising in. That can ruin things here. I could probably go on forever about stuff I use. I go thru a lot of stuff. I like to try everything. Its a perk of the trade I guess. And Im always curious about new products. I like riding different bikes. Like riding a BMC Roadmachine last summer or the Borealis fatbike this winter. I just like checking things out.

As far as writing everyday it seems I have the time now. Especially now with the temps below zero every nite. Not much riding going on. And its going to stay that way for another week. Store is slow as no one wants to go out in that temp. It doesn’t bother me so much. Im walking on the beach in shorts. I do wear a heavier jacket during these time tho.

I had a ride planned this morn. Was looking like 5 degrees at ride time and I was just happy it was above zero. I had planned to ride with a buddy and was half dressed when he called to say he was under the weather. I had no problem undressing. We will try it again tomorrow although it looks like it will be the the neg tomorrow morn at ride time. Whatever.

So how about a product evaluation today. Let’s talk tire pumps. I’ve had a million of them. Im kinda a bike pump snob. They need to work well. And with the invention of fat bikes I needed another. One that could read single digits. So now I need two pumps. The fat bike pump gauge goes up to 15psi. Then I need a MTB pump that can do 30 to 50psi, then a pump for the road bike over 100psi.

Out with the old.

So I had to carry these two around. Fatbike pump on left, everything else on right.

Sure, I could have just used the normal pump and use a pressure gauge and thats what most do. But I do like the fact the fat pump has more volume. Save a lot of time when your setting pressure out the back of your car in 5 degree weather. And the gauge is super accurate down to a pound. But still, I hated carrying two pumps around.

Enter Pro’s new digital pump. One pump to rule them all. Digital gauge. Super accurate and it has good volume too. One pump for road bike, cross bike, MTB, plus bike and fat bike. There are a lot of nice digital pumps coming out. This Pro and Lezyne are two good ones. Now the same pump can pump up your fat bike to 4 pounds and your road bike to 120psi. These things are expensive. Both mentioned pumps are around $120. Careful, there are cheaper ones available. Im sure they all work nice but the better pumps just last much longer and make sure they are rebuildable. And as I find out lately it works just fine in the sub zero temps.

So here’s the bike pump Im using today and I really like it. It’s in my car 24\7.

Thus endeth the product evaluation for today.

Tomorrow its Friday and I hope to get in a small ride in the morning. We have a dusting of snow on the way. Less than a inch so that might just make the local woods a bit whiter again. Still not enough snow to groom any ski trails and thats a bummer heading into January. I always have big expectations heading into December and Im always disappointed. I look at my ski’s in the store and wonder why I even bother sometimes.

Saturdays group ride is in jeopardy as it looks to be about 2 degrees. Not a lot of people will attend that one. Some of that ride is on the road.

As we head into another Holiday weekend I have another 2 days off. Temp steady in the single digits for highs for the next week. This most likely will be my last post till next Tuesday so have a good Holiday weekend. Get outside. Don’t forget to layer up!




I brought the Farely home thinking a very small ride this morning would be nice. I slept in and noticed the fog when I got up. Pretty thick. I decided not to. Maybe Saturday morn then. Im starting to ditch the road riding and head to the woods more. Its time.


Yesterday morn 4 of us headed out for a near 40 mile road ride. The fog was thick as this morn. To the point of getting as wet as riding in rain. It was still doable but wet. Water dripping off our helmets as we rode. Had to take off any glasses. But about 3\4th into the ride the sun came out for a bit and stopped for coffee (and a donut). Once back on the bike we headed back and the fog returned as we got closer to the lake. As soon as it gets even a little bit colder we will be on the MTB’s in the morning. In the summer my road to MTB rides are about 5 to 1 (road), soon that will be flipped. 5 MTB and 1 road.

So my last post I mentioned the Rockymount thru axle bike tray. And just for fun, I ordered the Thule I spoke of. Here it is.


The good thing about this is since its a clamp it fit all sizes of thru axles with no adapters or switching sleeves. But thats about it.

First off, like I said, this thing was designed by NASA. A million moving parts here. A lot going on. It take a hour just to assemble it. And its huge. The head is almost eight inches across, taking up a lot of real estate on your cross bar. This rail for sure has to go to the inside of the car’s towers. To put it on the outside like I like it I would have to order longer crossbars (not going to happen) and once mounted would most likely hit my head on the damn thing when I got out of the car. And this thing retails for like $239 or something. The RM is about $189  Still, Im going to put that fancy one on the car anyway. Im sure its nice.

In the end I’ll give the nod to the Rockymount. Its cheaper, easier to use if you have just one thru axle size. Much simpler and smaller. It might take be the better part of the afternoon just to get it on my car. I can only imagine what happens to the Thule after a winter of salt and grime. Way more maintenance.

If I were a consumer, Id take the RM. But Im a dealer so I’ll put on the Thule.

Thus ending the thru axle bike tray discussion.

I have a few business meetings tomorrow morn so my next ride will be Saturday morn. Most likey solo and I hope on the Farely. Have a good weekend. Get outside.



Two in a Row


Its been awhile since I posted two days in a row but I woke at 430 am and could not get back to sleep. So what do I do? Go to work of course. But not before I spent a little time with my freind Lake Michigan. Was a nice visit.

Another thing I need to get back to is some product evaluation. I like to try new things whether its tires, a bike or car rack or whatever. Last week I got the new Rocky Mount Switch Hitter roof rack bike rail. The reason this one caught my eye is the fact that you can mount your thru axle bikes WITHOUT a adapter of some sort. In the summer I mount the bikes on back the car, but in the winter its all op top to help keep the bikes out of the elements and road grime.

In the past I used the Rocky Mount locking adapter and it worked great. But was just another link in the puzzle that needed to be tightened and locked. You need to lock the adapter to the rack to be able to lock the bike to the adapter.

Old School.

Don’t get me wrong. As far as adapters go this is the best. But in the winter I took it off when the bike was not on the car. So it was a double lock, two key operation.


Now with the new mount, I just thread the thru axle thru the mount and tighten.


As far as locking, its got a cable that hides in the rail until needed. Its keyed. Thule does not have this.


As far as thru axles, its got you covered with 15 by 100, 12 by 100, 15 by 110 for all you boost fans and of course 15 by 150 for our fatbikes. And its got a quick release 9m sleeve for all you old school riders. To change the axle sleeves you just pop off the front plastic cover and need a #4 allen. Takes about 3 minutes to change.

I’ve used it twice now and its good to go. I will get another for the other side soon. Its gotta be all matchy. I do have one complaint. DSCN5744

The rear clamp is odd the the side of the rail. So I can’t clamp the rail to the utmost outside of my cross bar because it hits the mounting tower. So for now the rail has to be mounted to the inside of the tower as opposed to the outside that my old Thules bolted on to. I like my rails as far out as I can get them. Just easier to lift the bike up and attach. I think what Im going to end up doing it bump the cross bars over a couple inches so I can mount one on the outside one and then one on the inside. The outside one will be drivers side and the one I use mostly.

Im sure there are other roof rails coming soon just like this. Of course Thule has a nice one. Almost $50 bucks more per rail. This is cheaper, simpler and has almost no moving parts. The Thule thru axle clamp system Im sure works nice but it looks like it was designed at NASA. There’s a lot to go wrong there.

And who knows… maybe I will get one of those to try out sometime. But for now its this one. For now.