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20 Minutes


I got 20 minutes to get this post done. Last day of work for me as I leave early morn tomorrow for four days of bike riding, eating and drinking a little beer. Today will be a busy day in store. I’ve been coming early and finishing late this week and Im acually caught up with repairs for the first time this summer. Thats a good thing as I will be gone for 3 working days.

This morning I put in another short ride on the new EX. Since the first ride I put on a setback seatpost. With last years EX I just shoved the seat back but this seat has carbon rails and I just felt better keeping the clamp in the middle of the rails. Plus sitting a smidge farther back on a trail bike is not the worst thing. I also added paddle grips like the ones on the older EX. White to match the seat.

I pretty much dialed in the suspension this morn and its working pretty darn good. Again, the rear is the same but the Manitou fork needed some work. But I got it set up good now. The bike is on the car rack and thats where it will stay for the ride up tomorrow.

Funny thing….  As I was setting up the rear I ran it a little soft and started to hear a tire rub somewhere in back on the big hits. I of course assumed the tire was hitting the frame when the suspension was completely compressed and I was fearing the worst in that regards. What the hell am I going to do with that?

Turns out the rear tire was hitting the seat bag. I guess Im using more of the travel. Anyway, crisis averted.

 I will take my laptop up with me and maybe post from the coffee shop Friday morn when Im waiting for the others to arrive….

I’ll leave around 6am and will be eating lunch up there by noon, riding by 2pm tomorrow.  The weather dudes are calling for some rain up there tomorrow morn and then sunny the other three days. I will call that acceptable.

Anyway, I gatta go. Got bikes to fix and sell, and then bags to pack.


2018 Trek Farley EX 9.8


Got out for a small shake down on the 2018 Farley EX. Not even an hour but it was enough to start the tweeks. For the most part its the same bike as the 2017 except its got 12 speed Sram Eagle and the Manitou Mastedon fork.

I’ll start with the fork. Its stiffer than the Bluto. Im a bigger guy and I noticed that almost immediately. I like that. Not that I do any big hit stuff but if I did that fork is better. If I do any 5 foot drops that fork would shine. I can do those, I just choose not to. The fork is a bit heavier than the Bluto and thats expected for something a beefy as the Mastedon. It’s the Mastedon Comp. Not the higher end Pro model and that was a bit disappointing when I saw the spec sheet on the bike. But you gatta do what you gatta do to hold a price point.

I did have a little trouble with getting the shock stiff enough for me. They dont have 265 pound guys in mind when they  engineer these things. For the most part for suspension bikes I have to kinda wing it to get it to work for a guy as big as me and this Manitou fork is no different. Max air pressure is stated 120 but Im at 130 right now. I think it should be fine but sometimes I will need to have the lockout half on if Im hitting some bigger stuff. I have the rebound wide open too.

This is not a flaw on the forks part. This is me trying to get it to work for me. I’ve been dealing with this my entire life. The rear shock is the same as last year and works great. Its got a 300 pound air limit and Im running at about 275 with success.

Now, I only have about 50 minutes on the bike but Im liking the Eagle 12 speed. A 50 tooth cassette. With a 30 tooth ring thats a super low gear and will help me get my fat ass up a hill for sure. Many times I’ve looked for a lower gear on my 42 tooth only to find out Im already in it. Im going to be able to pedal up way more hills with this thing. The fact that you can probably walk faster than I would be pedaling is beside the point. Pedaling is still pedaling.

Overall, the bike is a pound and some change heavier than my 2017 but thats OK. The ride more than makes up for it.

Im pretty sure I will keep the Eagle on the bike and not go electronic like every bike I’ve had since 2012. That granny gear was made for fat guys.

I of course ditched the dropper post. I have always said if Im on a trail that requires a dropper post I have no right to be there. Plus I lose a pound doing so.

I’ve got a few tweeks to do yet. I’ve decided to get a offset seatpost. I dont need to go that much farther back but the seat Im using has carbon rails and would rather have the clamp in the middle of the seat as opposed to pushing it back as far as it is. A change of grips and adjusting of the levers and Im off.

And by off I mean to Hayward on Thursday. By Thursday afternoon I will be on CAMBA single track on my new bike thats not black and has a stiffer fork and a lower granny gear. Im pretty pumped. It’s been awhile since I had time away for the store. March? Wait, no.. I was up in Marquette in April? I forget.

Anyway, Im already working ahead in the store. Its only a three day week for me! Better get to my ordering!!


Heading to Hayward!


One week from today I will be headed to Hayward,WI. But really we hang out in Seeley and Cable, WI the most. This would be one of two trips up there this fall. I got three other guys to join. I had hoped for more but its a busy time of summer.


I’ll bring my Crockett along and will plan on a afternoon for gravel roads. And for sure my Farley. But not just any Farley…  my new 2018 Farley EX 9.8 is in and Im hoping it ships this week yet. Its pretty much the same as the 2017 except its silver (not black!), has Sram Eagle 12 speed which I have not used yet and a Manitou fork. So the first time my fatbike will not have a Bluto fork. The Manitou looks much beefier and most likely a bit heavier. Adding weight to a bike that is heavier than Im used to already. Although my current EX weight Im pretty used to. I’ll pull the dropper post out and lose a pound there. Also pull out the tubes and lose a pound there too. But all in all it will be 30+ pounds which is not bad considering what’s all going on there…


This is what it looks like. Im pumped its not black… I’ll hold off using any electric driveline so I can ride the new 12 speed. Looking forward to it…

And looking forward to riding some new CAMBA stuff up in Cable.

Check out this new feature that just opened up. We will for sure hit up this one when we are up there….

Its a week away and Im pretty pumped. This next week will seem like a year to me….

I had planned on a nice road ride this morning but we got rained out. Will try again for another tomorrow but not quite as long. The rains will keep me out of the woods for awhile again.

With my new bike on the verge of hitting the store I put my old (2017) bike for sale and it went quick. Less than 4 hours online it was gone. That’s the way I like it….

Im sure I wont post tomorrow so have a good weekend. I hope to be building and fitting a new bike this weekend!



Late Report.

Its Tuesday morn and this is the weekend report. Timeline running backwards.


I have two choices in the morning. Since the mornings are my real time off per day I can either get up early and do things, or make it a lazy morning and get up slowly. With the busy day yesterday I decided to get up slowly but the minute I got outside I realized I made the wrong choice. Just beautiful outside today. A bike ride would have been a much better option.

Yesterday was crazy in the store. Last day of the advertised sale and Im pretty sure we had a day that made the top 5 in store history. I have a lot of ordering to do today. Overall this has been the best organised sale in store history and for that I am thankful. Moving on.

I did spend some time in the park Monday before work. And I got to see and old freind that I have not seen all summer. In the same tree I first saw him in in 2008. He looked at me and gave me a nod and I did the same. It’s the first time all summer we have met.

Hello old freind. Monday morn.

Sunday I spent some time in the store, maybe a couple hours before I grabbed the road bike and headed back home. After some lunch I was going to hit the road but looking at the radar my window to ride was closing too fast. So I waited. The rain came and went. Then around 3pm I saw my window and headed out. Riding north from my house. Just a couple of miles in the roads got real wet. It was not raining but just finished. Just two miles back at my house it was perfectly dry so I flipped and headed back south, past my house and then west.

About 5 miles west I hit more rain. So I turned south again as it seemed it was all coming from the north. Dry roads again. I knew I had to eventually swing back north to go home and did so. Making it home and no more than 15 minutes later it was pouring. I cheated the rain for 20 miles.

Saturday was a quick ride to the park before work. It was cool, sunny and I had the road bike. No wait….. the cross bike.

This weekend is Ore to Shore up in Marquette and this is one of the rare years Im not headed up there. Mostly due to the fact Im headed up to Hayward the very next week. Once the store slows down I will have a few weekends to head up to the U.P. and I will for sure take advantage. The fall is my favorite time of the year and its when I get in the most riding. This fall should be no different.

More on my planned Hayward weekend later. Right now I have some ordering to do.