Monthly Archives: April 2019

Long Time

A few days ago…..

Its been another long gap in posts. Ive just been busy with work and not riding a lot. The weather has been crappy with one day nice, the next day snow. My outside activity has hit a low.

But that will change soon. About a month from now I will have way more time to ride. And plan on doing some hiking\walking too. Next week Im out of town for work and will have next Friday off. A week from today. With that 3 day weekend Im trying to find somewhere to go. Nothing up in Hayward or Marquette will be ready to ride so I think I have to go south.

Like to Brown County. I have never been there but I hear good things from people who have. Its about a 6 hour drive. Thats only a half an hour longer than Hayward. Some of my friends are there this weekend. Its dry and good to go.

So we’ll see. Id like to go. Depending on cash flow. Looks like it will cost about $300 with hotel. Its just too cold to camp yet. But I plan on doing a lot of that up north this summer. Car camping is easy. And much cheaper than a hotel. And again, once we hit June it will be game on!

Anyway, I might be a little absent again for the next month. But once I start riding more I’ll be back here at least weekly.


Ships and Bikes

I go back in this blog to see all the cool bikes I’ve used. Now that I have to buy them I I feel like you all do when I paraded them around. Without all that bling to show off Im not sure my life is now blog worthy. I really dont know anything else but bikes. At least nothing that I could write about.

I used to post a lot about the big ships passing by. I saw one today. The US Indiana Harbor sailed on by this aft.

Thar she is.

So as far as the bike situation, Ive set my first weekend out of town to be April 26th to 28th. Most likely Marquette. Im pretty sure I will have my Powerfly by then (I could not do it without). Actually by the end of next week for sure. The trails are drying out here and we could be on dry dirt in 10 days barring any snow and rain.

As far as any road riding Im still on the old cross bike. Riding that thing hurts my knees. The geometry is from the 90’s. I dont like it.

Pinky 2019

But its good enough for now. I need to decide what kind of gravel\road\cross bike I want. The older Boone I mentioned last post is out of consideration. I just wont spend the money on a bike with outdated standards. So I will wait and save my hard earned money on a bike that makes sense in 2019 and forward.

Right now that would be a new Boone. You can run up to 40c’s on that bike easy. Maybe 42c if you dont mind a tight fit. But really 40’s would be fine. Good enough for any gravel/off road stuff but small enough to hit up a 30 miles road ride. Not a group ride mind you but a nice solo road ride. That’s pretty much the only kind of road ride I do in the summer anyway.

I’ve been looking around at gravel trails to ride that are not way up in northern Wisconsin. Something I could do a day trip for. I did found some about a hour away. I’ll check it out and let you know what thats all about. But first the bike. However I do have some 38’s I can put on Pinky for that stuff. She is a cross bike after all.

That’s about it for now. Maybe I’ll have my MTB by next post.