One done

beach yesterday

Yesterday I pulled the trigger on my ebike. Got a good deal from my past Trek rep. Im happy about that decision. Its 18.5 frame and usually ride a 19.5 but if add a 10mil longer stem the top tube is only 4mm shorter. I can handle that. I get it next week.

Unlike last year when I got my ebike and I went thru this mental breakdown this year will be difference. I will embrace the ride. Maybe not being a bike shop owner takes a little pressure off? I’ve promised my friends I’ll just shut up and ride. Either way Im looking forward to riding with my faster friends and being able to ride much farther without getting wiped out.

I have many weekends to plan. Now that I can. Im really exited about this summer. More so than any of the last 10 summers. So Im hooked up with my summer MTB. So whats next? Road\cross\gravel.

I have a line on a 2016 Boone. Dura Ace Di2. No wheels. $2k. The price is good but its the 2016 Boone. No isospeed in front. And thats not the worse thing. Its got screwed up hub standards. The front is a 15 by 100 and the rear is a 142 QR. Both not used anymore on road\cross bikes. So the wheels I have will not work ( they are the now standard 12mm front and rear). So I have to buy wheels.

This is not the first time I had that bike. Back in 2016 I built one the day after they were released.

I was way ahead of the one by curve for road bikes. This was my road bike that entire summer (2016). The bike Im looking at is the same exact frame. So its a possibility. But my first choice would be build up a new Boone with current hub standards and a iso in the front.

I still might buy that 2016, use the drive on a new bike, then sell all remaining stuff. But then I cant use the brakes. Those are post and I would need flat mount. Then when one thinks about it, All I can use are the shifters\derailer\crank (that I have to buy new rings for cuz its got CX rings). And it would just seem that I could not use enough off that bike to justify another build. So really its only worth it if I keep and ride that bike. Also would be tough to sell with all the old standards.

So I guess what Im saying is that bike is up in the air. And really thats the bike I could be riding today with the MTB parked until the trails dry up. Which could be May?

But at least I have one piece of the puzzle in the books.


Wa da ya think?

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