Executive Decision.

So now being a consumer and not a bike shop owner is starting to hit me in the pocketbook. Damn, these bikes are expensive. The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about what would be the first bike I want to buy. Honestly, I took nothing with me when I closed the store. I sold everything. Mostly because I needed the money to close the store but partly because I didnt really know what I wanted to keep. This is different than ordering a new bike, giving it a try and just selling it to move on. Now I have to keep the bike I buy. So I just didnt know what to buy at the time.

As I type today, I need a MTB, road\gravel and a fat bike. The fat bike can wait until fall. However I have a line on one of my old Farely EX’s that I could buy reasonable and that would take care of both the MTB and fat bike in one transaction.

I could buy this bike.

Its a bike I built in 2016. Its got XT Di2. Very nice bike and I would only have to get a 29+ wheelset for summer. So thats been the option on my mind. However I do know of a Powerfly, just like the one I had last fall only one size smaller. Its a 18.5 frame and I had a 19.5. But I think I could make it work with just a stem swap. So I have a decision to make.

On top of Marquette Mtn.

I remember all the fun I had on that ebike. Riding trails I could normally not do anymore. If you read this blog you remember the mental anguish I had riding this bike. That kinda consumed me but once I was on the bike and riding that all went away. Im past that. Talking with a much faster freind they mentioned how much more fun it was when I rode with her due to the fact we could ride together and not watch me struggle. So Im so over that type of thinking and Im not getting younger so its the ebike Im going for. I have more time to ride now and ride I shall. 40 mile MTB rides are in my future. Maybe even something out west.

So if I get the ebike I will need to buy a fatbike in fall and thats OK. But this spring Im also looking for a road\gravel\cross bike. I really dont do big road rides anymore so I just dont need that 15 pound road rocket. Last year I rode my Checkpoint the most but for the most part Im sure I wont do a lot of bikepacking so maybe a lighter cross bike would be better when Im on the road.

But I really loved riding fat tires on this bike. So cool. But for the road it was a little cumbersome so maybe a Boone or maybe even a Crockett. Im not opposed to aluminum.

Who here remembers this Crockett I built in 2015. I loved this bike. eTap. Easton cockpit. Aeolus wheels. 40c tires. I wish I had this one back.

So my next drop bar bike will be something like this. Run a 40c gravel tire or a 28c road tire for road riding.

Technically, if I bought the Farely EX and build a bike like this I would only have two bikes to rule them all. That thought is appealing to me as I could afford some nice carbon wheels and the new Sram eTap 12 speed stuff. But I guess we will see. My first priority will be to try and acquire the ebike and go from there.

Thats the plan as of today anyway.


Wa da ya think?

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