Do Over

Sheboygan,WI 3/5/19

I honestly thought I was never going to write here anymore. But the truth is I like to do it. And while I no longer own a bike shop I guess I still do things to talk about. And still take pictures so I guess Im not going anywhere just yet.

I do have quite a weekend to talk about. Fat Bike Birkie weekend. While originally I was not going peer pressure had me signing up for the seventh edition. And quite a weekend it was. I can tease you a little saying that the race was at 915am and I was back home by 5pm. How is that possible?

The guy that I rode up with screwed up his back on Friday before we even rode a bike. Turns out he could not get out of bed Saturday morn. That’s the short story that I’ll elaborate on a little. So Saturday morn he does not show up for breakfast so I ate alone, taking my time. I had a 10 mile drive to the start line and he had the keys. After I returned to the hotel (walking distance to breakfast) it was pretty much time to go. After I pounded on his door hge yelled to come in, having not even locked the door the whole nite, and i had to help him out of the bed to go to the bathroom.

It was apparent he needed to get back home, an almost 6 hour drive. I grabbed his keys and changed as fast as I could and headed to the start line. I got there in time but the parking was full and it took me just too long to park and get going. As I rode to the line I heard the gun go off and I did get to pretty much take off with the last 20 bikes (out of 100’s).

I just was too far back. The trails were so torn up from 100’s of people walking up the hills that they were unridable. Then, after about 2 miles the downhills were so turned up they were unridable too. At mile 3 I pulled the plug after walking well over 80% of the trail. I turned around with about 10 others at that point. For me, under all the circumstances, was the right thing to do. I did later find out that at some point the course got better but I could not have known that. And under better circumstances I think I would have kept going, at least a bit farther. Anyway, my 7th FB Birkie was a DNF.

Long story short, went back to the car, drove back to the hotel, help my freind to the car, and drove home. Done. Was there less than 24 hours….. I left a $129 room empty . But did ride a little..

The single track was in good shape. This was Friday as I finished pre riding. Everything was in such good shape that I would not guess in a million years how bad the course was when I got to it Saturday. 6 inches of mashed potatoes. Everyone that was way ahead of me did not get that. They didnt believe me when I said how bad it was. I wished I would have taken a few pics of those trails…

The Angry Minnow is always a stop when Im in town. Good beer ( I have just one) and food.

So here its Sunday and I should still be up in Hayward, maybe just thinking of leaving after a nice ride. But Im home.


I did spend some time at my favorite bench in the park this morn. It’s been awhile since I stood here. Last fall. I sure have been having bad luck with my weekend up north having to scrape the Marquette entirely and now this abbreviated trip to Cable. Im a little bummed although there really isn’t anything we could have done. I am second guessing ditching the race so quickly but I really wanted to get him back home. At the time of the race I was wondering if I was going to have to take him to the hospital. I just did not know then.

Im glad I got him home. He was pretty much in pain the entire way. Stopping for some ibuprofen along the way. I guess it could have been worse. So this last weekend is for sure a do over. But Im not sure I will get there with snow.


Wa da ya think?

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