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Executive Decision.

So now being a consumer and not a bike shop owner is starting to hit me in the pocketbook. Damn, these bikes are expensive. The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about what would be the first bike I want to buy. Honestly, I took nothing with me when I closed the store. I sold everything. Mostly because I needed the money to close the store but partly because I didnt really know what I wanted to keep. This is different than ordering a new bike, giving it a try and just selling it to move on. Now I have to keep the bike I buy. So I just didnt know what to buy at the time.

As I type today, I need a MTB, road\gravel and a fat bike. The fat bike can wait until fall. However I have a line on one of my old Farely EX’s that I could buy reasonable and that would take care of both the MTB and fat bike in one transaction.

I could buy this bike.

Its a bike I built in 2016. Its got XT Di2. Very nice bike and I would only have to get a 29+ wheelset for summer. So thats been the option on my mind. However I do know of a Powerfly, just like the one I had last fall only one size smaller. Its a 18.5 frame and I had a 19.5. But I think I could make it work with just a stem swap. So I have a decision to make.

On top of Marquette Mtn.

I remember all the fun I had on that ebike. Riding trails I could normally not do anymore. If you read this blog you remember the mental anguish I had riding this bike. That kinda consumed me but once I was on the bike and riding that all went away. Im past that. Talking with a much faster freind they mentioned how much more fun it was when I rode with her due to the fact we could ride together and not watch me struggle. So Im so over that type of thinking and Im not getting younger so its the ebike Im going for. I have more time to ride now and ride I shall. 40 mile MTB rides are in my future. Maybe even something out west.

So if I get the ebike I will need to buy a fatbike in fall and thats OK. But this spring Im also looking for a road\gravel\cross bike. I really dont do big road rides anymore so I just dont need that 15 pound road rocket. Last year I rode my Checkpoint the most but for the most part Im sure I wont do a lot of bikepacking so maybe a lighter cross bike would be better when Im on the road.

But I really loved riding fat tires on this bike. So cool. But for the road it was a little cumbersome so maybe a Boone or maybe even a Crockett. Im not opposed to aluminum.

Who here remembers this Crockett I built in 2015. I loved this bike. eTap. Easton cockpit. Aeolus wheels. 40c tires. I wish I had this one back.

So my next drop bar bike will be something like this. Run a 40c gravel tire or a 28c road tire for road riding.

Technically, if I bought the Farely EX and build a bike like this I would only have two bikes to rule them all. That thought is appealing to me as I could afford some nice carbon wheels and the new Sram eTap 12 speed stuff. But I guess we will see. My first priority will be to try and acquire the ebike and go from there.

Thats the plan as of today anyway.


Do Over

Sheboygan,WI 3/5/19

I honestly thought I was never going to write here anymore. But the truth is I like to do it. And while I no longer own a bike shop I guess I still do things to talk about. And still take pictures so I guess Im not going anywhere just yet.

I do have quite a weekend to talk about. Fat Bike Birkie weekend. While originally I was not going peer pressure had me signing up for the seventh edition. And quite a weekend it was. I can tease you a little saying that the race was at 915am and I was back home by 5pm. How is that possible?

The guy that I rode up with screwed up his back on Friday before we even rode a bike. Turns out he could not get out of bed Saturday morn. That’s the short story that I’ll elaborate on a little. So Saturday morn he does not show up for breakfast so I ate alone, taking my time. I had a 10 mile drive to the start line and he had the keys. After I returned to the hotel (walking distance to breakfast) it was pretty much time to go. After I pounded on his door hge yelled to come in, having not even locked the door the whole nite, and i had to help him out of the bed to go to the bathroom.

It was apparent he needed to get back home, an almost 6 hour drive. I grabbed his keys and changed as fast as I could and headed to the start line. I got there in time but the parking was full and it took me just too long to park and get going. As I rode to the line I heard the gun go off and I did get to pretty much take off with the last 20 bikes (out of 100’s).

I just was too far back. The trails were so torn up from 100’s of people walking up the hills that they were unridable. Then, after about 2 miles the downhills were so turned up they were unridable too. At mile 3 I pulled the plug after walking well over 80% of the trail. I turned around with about 10 others at that point. For me, under all the circumstances, was the right thing to do. I did later find out that at some point the course got better but I could not have known that. And under better circumstances I think I would have kept going, at least a bit farther. Anyway, my 7th FB Birkie was a DNF.

Long story short, went back to the car, drove back to the hotel, help my freind to the car, and drove home. Done. Was there less than 24 hours….. I left a $129 room empty . But did ride a little..

The single track was in good shape. This was Friday as I finished pre riding. Everything was in such good shape that I would not guess in a million years how bad the course was when I got to it Saturday. 6 inches of mashed potatoes. Everyone that was way ahead of me did not get that. They didnt believe me when I said how bad it was. I wished I would have taken a few pics of those trails…

The Angry Minnow is always a stop when Im in town. Good beer ( I have just one) and food.

So here its Sunday and I should still be up in Hayward, maybe just thinking of leaving after a nice ride. But Im home.


I did spend some time at my favorite bench in the park this morn. It’s been awhile since I stood here. Last fall. I sure have been having bad luck with my weekend up north having to scrape the Marquette entirely and now this abbreviated trip to Cable. Im a little bummed although there really isn’t anything we could have done. I am second guessing ditching the race so quickly but I really wanted to get him back home. At the time of the race I was wondering if I was going to have to take him to the hospital. I just did not know then.

Im glad I got him home. He was pretty much in pain the entire way. Stopping for some ibuprofen along the way. I guess it could have been worse. So this last weekend is for sure a do over. But Im not sure I will get there with snow.