So Much Snow

Crazy. So much snow. Almost a foot last nite. Almost two feet since we talked last. We are kicked out of the woods on bikes. By the time the trails get snowshoed, then rode in it snows again. We cant keep up.

Marquette either. I was supposed to go up to Marquette last weekend and pulled the plug at 930 Friday nite as a huge blizzard was hitting up there starting late Saturday. I few guys were up there Friday already and they called to say there was just too much snow. Some trails are getting abandoned for the winter with 5+ feet in spots. How can you groom snow taller than you? I’ve seen a few pics of them shoveling thru some of those spots.


I really dont have any plans to return to Marquette but will see how March plays out. In a week and a half Im headed up to Hayward to partake in yet another Fat Bike Birkie. I have done every one to date and I wonder how many people can say that. I few Im sure. Actually, the $95 late entry fee was a little steep and I was going to bail but many people talked me into keeping the streak alive. So I did. I did not want to disappoint.

The lake is ice as far as one can see. Along with the woods being unridable the beach is also not able to ride on. Not much riding going on. And I have a bike race in 10 days. That… will be a tour for sure. I have no intention of going hard. Those days are gone. I’ll have to ski to get some fitness back. I’ll start training tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. But by the weekend for sure.

So the snow we have right now is the most that I can remember. In years. Not that I have a good memory. But the skiing has been game on for weeks, not days like the last two years. And it looks like it will keep going right into March.

Hope so.


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