A Post!

I thought I might throw down a post. Its been almost a month since the store closed and a lot has happened. I have a job. Its the same job I left when I started the store. Deep down I hoped to find another job in the bike industry but that was a long shot. Long store short I make more money and work a lot less than when I had the store. I now have time to do stuff.

Like skiing. We have good snow! First time in years! Last weekend Saturday I skied in the morn, took the grandkids to a movie in the afternoon. Sunday I skied in the morning and rode a little in the afternoon. Quite the tiring day.

So far Im pretty happy. I love the extra time to myself. At my age one should start slowing down in that respect anyways. Besides last weekend being busy I got up to Hayward for a long weekend for riding and next week Im headed to Marquette. And then back up to Hayward in two weeks.

Pretty much none of that stuff would be possible running the store. I would have to find someone to cover me and find the money to pay said person. Now I have none of that. In fact, when I head up to Hayward in a few weeks Im getting vacation pay. Vacation pay? What is that?

I love the job I have. Good pay, company car, weekend off and paid vacations. To the commoner that sounds normal. But not for a small business owner. Its been 10 years since I had that stuff. And dont get me started in the health insurance. I just had my yearly checkup and it only cost me $40! Last time it was $400.

So in the back of my mind i should have done this sooner? Maybe. Still, I already miss riding the coolest bikes for basically free. Now I have to buy one. But I still have some sweet hookups in the biz. And now I dont have to be brand specific. I can ride anything I want. Not that I would not buy i Trek but there are some others Id like to try at the same time.

My first purchase will be a MTB in April. The a cross bike I can ride on the road but can fit fat tires on. Fat bike will be in fall. Anyway, things are going well. I love the new found time and Im using it to full advantage.

As far as this blog goes, Im pretty sure I wont post much in it. I am off of Facebook, at least for awhile yet. But I just wanted to sign in and say things are all good. Im riding and skiing more so whats not to like!


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