End Of Days

If you follow this blog you know I’ve not written it for days. And this is my last post here.

Im going thru a pretty large life change. First off, I’ve closed the bike store. Its something I’ve wanted to do for a while and the opportunity to do so came and I took it. As I type this morning I am unemployed. But Im sure it won’t be long before I find a job. Before the store I had a 20 year career in the transportation industry starting from a truck driver and ending managing two offices for a trucking company. Owning my own trucking company in between that. I should have no problem entering the workforce again. And most likely make more money. I’ve got about 6 years left before I retire or part time retire and this would be a nice boost before that.

As far as bikes go, I will leave with one. My old trusty Pinky who just got a upgrade with new Sram Rival. I was not able to take anything with me as I needed to pass it all on to cover all vender accts.

So now the main topic of this blog is gone. And as far as biking I’ll lay low for awhile. Then I will be like most of you and have to buy my bikes, which Im sure I will. Just dont know when or where.

As far as this blog goes, its been going pretty much since 2004. Writing in it every day back then. Then I switched from Blogger to WordPress and lost many years of it. But I still have it back to 2010.

I really did not write this blog for you to read but more for me to read. Like a diary. Only I could only say things I would say in the public. And left more personal things to myself. But its time to move on. Nothing lasts forever. This blog will live another couple of months before the domain name runs out, then I assume it will be somewhere just not accessible? Not sure.

I have also deactivated my Facebook. Not sure what to do with that but Im sure I will in time just delete it. Im still skeptical of what such a thing had done to us. Most of the news is not true. We spend too much time looking a pictures of peoples sandwiches. While its good to stay in contact with friends and family it seems the information overload can do us some harm. So Im out.

I will stay in Instagram as I like taking pictures. And there is no politics there. Maybe a sandwich or two but not as bad as Facebook.

To the few who spent some time here, thanks for the memories and I wish you good luck in your future.

Keep riding

Dan Dittrich

3 thoughts on “End Of Days

  1. Dan, we’ve never met but thru your blog I feel I know you…a little. I’m sad that I never got to visit your shop. You seem to be the epitome of the great LBS dude…love bikes, love people who ride bikes. I’m sure your decision was tough. The times have and are changing. Enjoy the next season. May the wind be ever at your back. Scott

  2. We met several years ago when I was camping at Kogler-Andre SP, my wife wanted new grips on her bike and we made it into your shop. A beautiful shop on the waterfront at that time. I’ve been following this blog ever since! Let me wish you all the best as you move on to the next chapter life has for you. Hopefully I’ll still be able to send you kudos over on Strava. And may the sun be forever on your face and the wind always at you back!

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