Its been a week since last post. My back has gotten better every day. Not completely gone but I can operate without the help of drugs. Was about 14 days total.


Friday was a nice beach ride. Pretty good conditions. I still like these rides. Its something we can do in winter when there is no snow. Im sure I have about 100 miles here this winter. Then….


We get snow. First real snow of the winter. Started Friday nite to Saturday afternoon. Here I unloaded to ride the beach on Saturday and it was already unridable with huge ice formations. How can that happen in one day? The beach is gone. The ice formations are 3 or 4 feet high, then wind pushes then onto the beach rendering it unusable.

So we hit the woods a bit. The new snow was about 8 inches deep but it was real dry and light. Fun to ride.


Then Sunday I hit the woods again. This was the first real ride in snow that I had to air down. That’s sad if you think about it. But Im much happier now that we have snow. And more coming tomorrow. This is our winter window. Its right now. Really, things start to warm up a bit in 4 weeks so now is go time. I’ll get out on the ski’s too soon. After tomorrow’s snow the woods should be groomed. I hope so anyway. If not I’ll just follow in someone’s tracks….


Wa da ya think?

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