Rider Down

I felt it starting Thursday. Just a little twinge near the bottom of my spine. I felt it on friday when I rode. By Saturday morn I could barely walk. I dont think it my back. Pain is very sharp but off to one side of my lower back. So Ive not left the couch much all weekend. It acually feels better when I walk around so its got to be some kind of muscle thing. If I sit for an hour its worse. So Ive been doing a lot of stretching, which does not seem to help.

So Im down. This is the fourth day and as much as I hate going to the Doc I will in a few days if its not better.

Being down is not a big deal right now as its been raining all nite. Some flooding. All the snow you saw in my last post is gone or almost gone. Looks like no riding for a few days anyway. Im glad I finished Pinky. Its once again another frankenstein bike. I emptied out the parts drawer for this one.


Just another option when the woods or beach is not available. I still plan on getting another Checkpoint but not till spring. So this will be my winter ride if I need to hit the road. And thats only as a last resort.

That’s about it. Again not a lot to talk about we me being down for the count. Its going to be a interesting week with all the rain and my back taking a crap.


Wa da ya think?

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