Winter Wonderland (for now)

Been in the woods now every morning since Tuesday. Today’s ride was a little road trip to our local State trails about 17 miles from the store. This area always gets more snow than by the store. It’s about 700 feet higher altitude. Sometimes thats makes a couple inches difference in snow.

The riding out here is a lot harder than what I have in town. The city park we go to or even the beach is easy. An hour on the beach is about 45 feet of climbing (dont ask me how but thats what the Garmin says) and a hour in our city park is about 250 feet. Out here an hour is almost 800. I was reminded that I did not have the Powerfly. I was off the bike walking up stuff at least four times. But that just gave me more opportunities to take pictures so its all good.

Its just unbelievable in the woods right now. Gorgeous. Was one of those rides that I just did not care how slow or how many times I had to hike the bike. This is the stuff that makes we want to live here (or farther north). Being a winter guy its hard to leave this and go to work. I just want to stay out there all day.

Especially knowing we are scheduled for a half inch of rain Sun into Mon. And high 40’s for temps. Today I got out of the woods at about 1030am and it was already 38 degrees. Weather or not this snow will survive is a long shot at best. And thats been the story here the last few years. Get a good snow, at least one that we can play in and its gone in a few days and it has to start over again. Its been a long time since we have had a snow on top of snow. Its always starting on bare ground and grass. If we would just hold on to whatever we get things would be fine.

So Im not sure whats up for the group ride tomorrow. It will be warm. No beach, no woods. Looks like a just a good old fashioned roads ride. Some will opt to ride in the woods before the snow is gone and some will be skiing so the bike count on the group ride will be low.

Ive been working on Pinkie and will most likely ride that in the moring. I have to open the store anyway. Every thing on the bike is from another bike or the parts bin. Except I did buy Sram Rival shifters and front\rear derailleurs. The wheels are old HED Belgium’s that I bought a few years back for $150. These are the last set of rim brake wheels that I own. And this is the only rim brake bike I have so the two were meant for each other and will most likely stay permanently together. I should have the bike done later today.

Im not sure what Im riding Sunday morn. If it get below freezing Saturday nite maybe the woods will be rideable for a few hours early. But I might want to sleep in… Will see….. That’s about it for today. Get outside this weekend!


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