2019 and Beyond


With huge gaps in posts it seems things change so much. My post last Friday had me complaining about lack of winter, and while that is still true we did get a bit of winter Mon\Tues. Maybe 2 inches of snow here but more the further west you went from the big lake. But the woods is white and thats a good thing. Still not enough to ski on but at least it resembles a winter.


Alas, the winter – esk weather won’t be around long. The weather dudes are calling out 40+ degrees on Saturday and Sunday. With chance of rain on Sunday. But today is Wednesday and we have rode both yesterday and today in the morning and will continue to do so until its gone. At some point you would think colder weather would stick around. It seems we get some snow but its never here long. So we ride every morn that its here. When it go’s away then its back to the beach.


The last two rides have been amazing. Snow covered trees. Like we are riding in another world. You ride with your head on a swivel. Things look so different when white. And its kinda sad that things are like that. In the past we always had snow in winter and it was not such a big deal. Now its like the circus comes to town. Everyone is out doing as much as they can. Especially since it could all be gone in a few days.

As far as the New Years, it was quiet and thats the way I like it. It was nice having back to back 3 day weekends. But now its back at it. With nothing really pending. Now its hibernation in the store for the next 6 or so weeks. Lay low. Ride bikes. Pray for snow. Plan trips up north.

There still is a chance for some winter this year. It’s only the beginning of January. But Im looking at the 10 day today with temps still above freezing. Thats a bummer. When someone asks about the winter of 2019 I’ll tell them it was a great week we had.


Wa da ya think?

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