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End Of Days

If you follow this blog you know I’ve not written it for days. And this is my last post here.

Im going thru a pretty large life change. First off, I’ve closed the bike store. Its something I’ve wanted to do for a while and the opportunity to do so came and I took it. As I type this morning I am unemployed. But Im sure it won’t be long before I find a job. Before the store I had a 20 year career in the transportation industry starting from a truck driver and ending managing two offices for a trucking company. Owning my own trucking company in between that. I should have no problem entering the workforce again. And most likely make more money. I’ve got about 6 years left before I retire or part time retire and this would be a nice boost before that.

As far as bikes go, I will leave with one. My old trusty Pinky who just got a upgrade with new Sram Rival. I was not able to take anything with me as I needed to pass it all on to cover all vender accts.

So now the main topic of this blog is gone. And as far as biking I’ll lay low for awhile. Then I will be like most of you and have to buy my bikes, which Im sure I will. Just dont know when or where.

As far as this blog goes, its been going pretty much since 2004. Writing in it every day back then. Then I switched from Blogger to WordPress and lost many years of it. But I still have it back to 2010.

I really did not write this blog for you to read but more for me to read. Like a diary. Only I could only say things I would say in the public. And left more personal things to myself. But its time to move on. Nothing lasts forever. This blog will live another couple of months before the domain name runs out, then I assume it will be somewhere just not accessible? Not sure.

I have also deactivated my Facebook. Not sure what to do with that but Im sure I will in time just delete it. Im still skeptical of what such a thing had done to us. Most of the news is not true. We spend too much time looking a pictures of peoples sandwiches. While its good to stay in contact with friends and family it seems the information overload can do us some harm. So Im out.

I will stay in Instagram as I like taking pictures. And there is no politics there. Maybe a sandwich or two but not as bad as Facebook.

To the few who spent some time here, thanks for the memories and I wish you good luck in your future.

Keep riding

Dan Dittrich

Its been a week since last post. My back has gotten better every day. Not completely gone but I can operate without the help of drugs. Was about 14 days total.


Friday was a nice beach ride. Pretty good conditions. I still like these rides. Its something we can do in winter when there is no snow. Im sure I have about 100 miles here this winter. Then….


We get snow. First real snow of the winter. Started Friday nite to Saturday afternoon. Here I unloaded to ride the beach on Saturday and it was already unridable with huge ice formations. How can that happen in one day? The beach is gone. The ice formations are 3 or 4 feet high, then wind pushes then onto the beach rendering it unusable.

So we hit the woods a bit. The new snow was about 8 inches deep but it was real dry and light. Fun to ride.


Then Sunday I hit the woods again. This was the first real ride in snow that I had to air down. That’s sad if you think about it. But Im much happier now that we have snow. And more coming tomorrow. This is our winter window. Its right now. Really, things start to warm up a bit in 4 weeks so now is go time. I’ll get out on the ski’s too soon. After tomorrow’s snow the woods should be groomed. I hope so anyway. If not I’ll just follow in someone’s tracks….


Still Down

File foto

I would not wish this on my enemy. Im still down. Back is still jacked up. So last Tuesday after work I went to the walk in clinic, that tells you how bad my back hurt. I never voluntarily see a doctor. So I went to the clinic and they told me pretty much what I thought they were going to say. Pinched nerve in my back. Gave me some painkillers and a anti inflammatory. Those pills didnt even scratch the surface. Wednesday I closed the store and went home in the afternoon. I never do that. Then by Thursday morning I got out of bed somehow, fell to the floor and could not get up. I called my wife to come get me and take me to the ER. I have broke many bones in my life but this is by far the worst pain I have ever felt. Almost to the point of passing out.

So I get to the ER Thursday, the second Doc visit in two days. And was told the same thing. But they did take pictures of my back and hip just to make sure. And gave me much better pain pills that Im taking today.

Then, I went to see my MD Doc on Friday. Thats 3 different Doctors in four days. He went into more detail what’s going on. And the only thing I can do is sit and wait. Today is day 12. No changes. It still takes me 45 minutes to get out of bed in pain. I still can’t dress myself. I only have 4 days of pain pills left.

Im pretty bummed out. Ive tried heat pads, ice packs and stretching. Nothing changes it. I have physical therapy scheduled for the 22nd. By then will be 20 days in pain. It hurts my spine just to move my head. Im in tears getting out of bed every morning. Not sure how long a human can keep doing that without going nuts.

That’s all I have for now. I most likely wont post anything until things improve. Lets hope thats sooner than later.


Rider Down

I felt it starting Thursday. Just a little twinge near the bottom of my spine. I felt it on friday when I rode. By Saturday morn I could barely walk. I dont think it my back. Pain is very sharp but off to one side of my lower back. So Ive not left the couch much all weekend. It acually feels better when I walk around so its got to be some kind of muscle thing. If I sit for an hour its worse. So Ive been doing a lot of stretching, which does not seem to help.

So Im down. This is the fourth day and as much as I hate going to the Doc I will in a few days if its not better.

Being down is not a big deal right now as its been raining all nite. Some flooding. All the snow you saw in my last post is gone or almost gone. Looks like no riding for a few days anyway. Im glad I finished Pinky. Its once again another frankenstein bike. I emptied out the parts drawer for this one.


Just another option when the woods or beach is not available. I still plan on getting another Checkpoint but not till spring. So this will be my winter ride if I need to hit the road. And thats only as a last resort.

That’s about it. Again not a lot to talk about we me being down for the count. Its going to be a interesting week with all the rain and my back taking a crap.