No Winter for You

I hate to complain. Im pretty good at it. But this weather is nuts. Almost 50 degrees last nite with 24 hours of rain. Right now its 40. And will drop to the high teens tonite. Its like we can get all four seasons in a few hours here. Of course what little snow fell Christmas day is all gone. The frost is coming back out of the ground and the woods are soggy. So all we have to ride is the road. Maybe the beach. Its a bummer. Its just about Jan 1st and Im so close to writing off winter already. Looking to the 10 day forecast I see nothing. I see temps in the upper 30’s. Bummer. I will complain about this more later.

If you remember, I took this bike off the floor and threw some of my stuff on it to ride this winter. Ive decided I cant run big enough tires on it and am putting it back to stock and then selling it online. Just dont want to see it anymore. In its absence I have decided to build up Pinky again. For the 15th or so time.

Found it.

There it is behind the ladder. I’ll need a driveline and wheels. The rest I have. Its got crappy caliper brakes but I’ll deal with it for while. It’s a winter bike anyway. I can run almost 40c tires them. Much better. Now I have those green Panaracers I used once. I’ll sell them online too.

I hope the colder weather will freeze the beach back up. The woods will be just the woods. Frozen grey ground and leaves. Its still good conditions for a full suspension MTB. I miss my EX I had earlier in the summer. And I still could be rockin the Powerfly since we have bare frozen ground. Ive also been thinking about studded tires. How crazy is that (for me). I mean, really no float needed for these winters to a 4in tire is just fine. With all this rain one day then deep freeze the next might have some ice around. Even when it snows it ends up rain at some point, melting all the snow and then refreezing again. I did have studs on for about two weeks last year.

I hate the way they sound on cement. And the added weight for such a sparse use. Its funny how I can talk myself into something, then talk me out of it. I would consider studding my own. Maybe use half the studs. I’ll think about it. But today I will take inventory on what parts I need to get Pinky back up and running. Its got a 2 by crank but I might just use the big ring and go one by but then again a front derailer is cheap. I dont know….

The upcoming Holiday is not such a big deal to me. I hope to ride pretty much everyday Saturday thru Tuesday. Might be a lot of beach riding. And thats fine by me. Have a Good extended weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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