Christmas 2018


The Christmas holiday went pretty much as planned. But I’ll start from the start. Saturdays group ride was OK. The water surge was up on the lake but it was still doable. 7 or 8 riders. I had to turn around and get to work but I did get in a nice beach ride. One of three during this break. I then planned out another ride Sunday morn. One other showed up and then after an uneventful Saturday at work it was the second beach ride in as many days. But on Sunday the water was much lower and we had a ton more beach to ride on. Was a nice start to my three day Holiday.

Monday, Christmas Eve was our big day with my wife having to work Christmas day. So Monday was spent opening presents and the kids\grandkids hanging out. And if was not for that I would consider this Holiday a disaster. For me anyway. As with any Holiday I just tend to eat way too much. I mean, thats pretty much anybody but as my life motto go’s, nothing in moderation. I pretty much started eating Sunday around noon when the food comes out. And didnt stop until it got put away last nite. We just put out way too much. With people coming and going pretty steady for 3 days its all out all the time. Bowls that get emptied get refilled. For me, its like lining up shots for three days for an alcoholic. Not that I know what that is like, I assume its like me not being able to walk thru the house without eating. Monday night I went to bed thinking I was going to puke. Tuesday the same thing but not as bad. For this reason I dont like to Holidays but its my issue and I’ll deal with it. Moving on.

Christmas morn.

So with all Fam stuff done on the Eve, I had pretty much Christmas day to myself. Which was nice but felt weird at the same time. The third beach ride and a little snow. Just a dusting and things technically were a little white so I guess it was a white Christmas after all. As I drove across town to ride on the beach at 830am the streets were so empty. It looked scary. Like in some apocalyptic movie. I saw maybe one car as I drove. But then on the way home about 1130am I saw a ton of cars parked with their trunk\ hatch open. Everyone was loading up their cars with all the new stuff they got and was funny to see that.

Tuesdays ride was pretty nice. Almost no waves and a white dusting. I took my time. Saw others walking the beach. Some were alone and I hoped they were not alone for the Holidays. But Im sure circumstances were close to mine. We all smiled and said Merry Christmas to each other. I rode slow, stopped a few times. Sat a spell and then continued on. I had all the time in the world. At least until 4pm when my wife comes home.

Sat a spell. Took my time. Tuesday.

After 10 miles on the beach I hit up a little woods. There is not a lot there but some. There are some horse trails there we can ride one. So I did that too.

Explored a bit too….. a good ride. Tuesday.

So I survived the Christmas Holiday. I ate too much but got in a few nice bike rides. Spent some time with the Fam and even got to take a Christmas day nap. Im making an effort not to eat a lot this week and I will not weigh myself until some time early January. The upcoming New Year is not the same. I can handle that one pretty easy.

So its back to work for four days, then another 3 days off. Not sure what’s happening then but I guess I’ll take it as it comes.


Wa da ya think?

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