Christmas Break

Its been a pretty uneventful end to the weekend. I do have some things to look forward to. For the first time ever Im closing the store on both the Eves this Holiday season. If there was snow on the ground I would for sure be open for ski rentals but we have bare grass so no need. So that means two three day weekends in a row! Never before in the history of the store have I had that much time off this time of year.

Dec, 21st. 2016 I dream of this.

While this weekend will of course be filled with Christmas stuff, the New Years weekend Im thinking maybe another quickie up to Marquette. Sun\Mon\Tues. We really dont do anything for that one anyway. So thats on my mind right now. Depends if I can find reasonable accomodations. Will see.

The group ride tomorrow has historically been a bigger group as some who moved away might be back in town for the Holidays. Im not sure if its going to be a road ride or beach ride. It’s going to be cold enough for the beach but the surge is high, leaving not much beach to ride on. And at 26 degrees the road will suck. So I either got the fat bike or the road bike to ride. I dont have a bike to do either\or. Since I have to be back at the store to open I’ll most likely ride the fat bike and if the beach sucks I can just hit up the limited woods riding there.

This Christmas week has been busy but it started later than usual. It is what it is. Heading into the new year with no snow will mean a very quiet January. At least to start. I see no snow on the 10 day watch. In the back of my mind I want to push the coffee more. Thinking of some sort of curbside service. I’ll work on that after the Holidays.

So as we head into the Holiday season Im the kind of guy that does not get into the mood very early. In fact I just dont feel it until the last minute. It will hit me maybe Sunday. Having all the kids\grandkids Monday morn, then the rest of the family on Tuesday night. In the end I enjoy the Holiday season more every year.

I hope to get in a little riding. I will keep an eye on the beach all weekend. And will take my fat bike home with me after I shut down Saturday afternoon. This will be the last post until after Christmas. Everyone have a good one and get outside!


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