Mid Week Crisis?

Just kidding. No crisis here, unless you consider the lack of winter a crisis. Then, yes. I was going to post this morn but I got in a lengthy phone call with some I.T. people. It seems Im heading into the online sales industry. Slow, at first, but will see how it go’s. Its pretty easy nowadays. There are several entities that have template sites that sync with your inventory POS (point of sale) and there is minimal maintenance with those types of sites. So Im headed that way next month. Moving on.

Tuesday nite ride was fun. Maybe 10 bikes. Its a fun way of just getting out mid week. Next week is Christmas day so nothing until January 1st. My bike was handling weird last nite and I found after that I did not tighten my skewer on the front wheel tight. I wish I didn’t have a skewer on the front. I loved the DT Swiss thru axles that just tightened like a bolt and done. No stupid lever used to tighten. Im going to look into replacing the original. It’s not that simple. So many lengths and thread combos. I’ll have to call Borealis to see what they use……

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been walking more this fall, not so much lately but still more than usual. I really think its a good thing for me. Just different muscle movement. Today I was venturing around my local park as I usually do and found this:


Its a thing you can set your phone on and take a selfie. I never go to this side of the park. I should more tho. I checked #senicwisconsin and nobody posted a pic from this spot. Until today.


I’ll have to make a point of walking in different spots. Im such a creature of habit and walk the same thing over and over.

It looks like a green Christmas is confirmed. Here we are heading into the Holidays and I could still be riding the Powerfly on dirt. So wrong. I have all but given up on any winter products in the store. Bike sales start back up as soon as 6 weeks from now. I’ll spend most of January setting up the new website. After that I’ll be starting to push bike sales.

I just dont see any riding the rest of this week. Temps in the 40’s is no beach. Maybe woods but probably road. I hate riding road at 40 degrees. I’ll do it for the Saturday group ride but I won’t do it by myself. So Im not sure about what riding will happen before Saturday. Most likely none. I’ll go on another walk tomorrow and see if I can find other weird things in the park that I dont know about.


Wa da ya think?

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