Weekend Reporting

Pretty uneventful weekend. Watched the cross nationals both Saturday and Sunday.


Saturday watched from the store. Sunday at home. But lets get back to Saturday.

I did the entire Saturday group ride. I had help in the store so I got to go all the way to breakfast. That seems to only happen once a month or so. Was nice to ride with the guys even tho it was a road ride.  But out on the road I sure got reminded of my fitness level. Pretty bad. The Domane I set up rode perfectly except the 44cm handlebars are just too narrow for me. After 30 miles my shoulders hurt. Im a pretty wide dude. So Im just going to throw on my carbon bar\stem I had on the Checkpoint since I dont have any bars laying around. Im going to throw on a set of full fenders too. Making the transformation complete to winter  road bike.

I kinda have been off the walking kick and I should get back to it. I was doing pretty OK for a while and started to lose a little weight that pretty much has all come back. Just have to re group and start again.

Sunday was one of those days. The kind where I hit the couch in the morning and never get off much. I was outside a little in the morning cleaning up the yard since the temps were in the 40’s and it felt like Oct. By 1030 I was back in. Started eating around noon and never stopped all day. I hate that and really need to get some willpower. As I ate I did watch the pro men and women at cross nats. The coverage was very good. Really improved over the years. Plus streaming on Youtube is so nice. I can pull it up on my phone and cast it to the TV. At least until the football game came on, then just watched it on my phone.

Looking at the 10 day its above average temps and no snow. It’s going to be a green Christmas. That’s so depressing. Im pretty sure Im going to cancel all ski orders. I do have one queued up and just a phone call to ship but no way if we are going into January with no snow. Bike\ski shops in the area have to rethink winter. I’ve tried things but its tough. Here is a post from 2010 around this same time. The skiing looked good.

Back to the 10 day it looks like road riding ongoing. A few nights might get below freezing and if there were to be a beach ride it would have to be early. I hope so because I think the frost might be coming back out of the ground, what little we had, and would make things just a bit muddy. Will see I guess. 40’s and rain right up to the Holidays. Such crap.

I still hope for the best.


Wa da ya think?

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