Its the mid week post. Not a lot to report. We did have a great Tuesday nite ride last nite. A ton of bikes! Now all we need is some snow. In fact, a couple of us went back to the park for a little ride this morn and it started raining. 38 degrees and rain. Why to I even still live here? So frustrating.

The store is getting Holiday busy. That’s always good to see. Today I was finally going to pull the trigger on that ski order I have queued up. But the rains came and its like it was trying to tell me something. So I didn’t put that order in. Its got to get close to snow first. Very frustrating. Looking at the forecast we might have a green Christmas.

Today I brought in a new product. Problem Solvers P-nut. It replaces that stupid little silver nut on your tubeless stems. So much easier to use. They solved a problem that really didn’t exist so hats off to them. I just toss those little nuts on my tubed stems. Not needed then. But so much easier to tighten on the tubeless stuff.

That’s really bout it today. Temps too warm for beach rides so tomorrow morn looks like a walking day. I have not been doing as much walking as I was a month ago. But riding a bit more. Still, need to keep everything going over the Holidays so I dont blow up like a balloon.

I just got some Holiday lites up yesterday in the store. On Dec 11th. A bit late. But better late than never. Will put a few more up today too.  I should be able to check in before the weekend.


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