Lots Of beach


Right now the beach is about as good as its going to get. We still have only 5 miles before we get cut off by a ton of rocks but thats a 10 mile ride and I call that good enough. With Sundays ride I rode here 4 times in the last 7 days. Maybe 10 times total this season.

Yesterday’s ride was about 8 bikes, Saturdays ride about 10. This morning I walked the beach and the sand looked like a highway. It looks like a million bikes were on it. Not that its a bad thing but I kinda want these rides to stay under the radar. Not that its illegal to do, but some of the beach dwellers just dont want that much activity between their house and the water. Some wave and say hi, others frown. We ran into a frown on Sunday.

As we rode by her place her dog ran out and was barking. We did stop to acknowledge the dog but the owner came out in her morning robe and asked, Im sure sarcastically “can I help you”? I said we were just turning around and going the other way and she responded with a pronounced “good!” I said to the others that we should just get going so we rode about 100 yards down the beach and stopped to talk. At that point she was still standing there in her robe, watching us. A little creepy.


When she first approached us we were not even near her property but her neighbours. It was not a bad confrontation but she let us know that we were not welcome. Her place is in fact right where we need to turn around anyway, so we just will turn around 50 yards sooner. No biggie.

I guess I can understand you pay big bucks for the beach house and want as much privacy as you can get, but people do walk (and ride) the beach. You almost have to expect it to some degree.

Anyway, I hope we stay under the radar. Really 98% of the people we come across, including land owners, give us a smile and a wave.

At some point the beach will go away for the most part. Deep snows keep us off. Also when it get very cold the ice formations form, then a strong east wind blows it all up consuming the entire beach area. Of course every year is different, even every week for that matter. Today we are still waiting for usable snow here. It’s not time to panic yet but it will be soon. Anyway, it was a nice riding weekend.


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