2 Rides/Beach Gone

This morn.

Like last week I rode the Tuesday Nite ride and then again beach this morn. Last nites ride was at a trail system about 40 minutes drive away. I really did not feel like driving that far but I did since Im the one calling the rides out. But once on the bike Im glad I did it. Just four bikes including me. From this point on the rides will just be here in town. We get 15 bikes here and it just doesn’t pay to drive all the way to another trail for four bikes total. Bigger groups are just more fun.

Today I hit up the beach and I’ll do it again tomorrow. Over the weekend we had huge waves just tear up the beach and the riding is not as good even on a calm day.

Also this morn.

A lot of beach is just plain gone.  Still, there is enough to ride on but its not like it used to be. The beach\lake never stays the same for long. Always changing.

Its looking like its going to get cold in a day or so. Single digits for lows, highs in the teens. But still no snow on the ground. I know its still early. But Im just afraid I will be saying the same thing a month from now. I just have no faith in winter anymore. In the store, I have ordered qued up for both ski’s and snowshoes but Im afraid to pull the trigger. More than likely I will cut them in half and get at least something in house. Its not like the good ol days 6 or so years ago I would put in a pre order of 20 sets of ski’s. Back when we had snow.

I still havent decided what to do for a road riding winter bike. Its the fat bike for now I guess. Thats about it for mid week.


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