Some Riding

This morn….

Had two good rides in the last 24 hours. Last nites Tuesday nite ride was another good one. 15 bikes or so. Since I call out these rides everyone insists I lead the group but since Im the slowest that helps keep the group together and I dont really mind. These rides a meant to be social anyway. Then a few of us hit the beach this morn. What a change in conditions from last Thursday when I pretty much bailed on that ride. The lake is amazing. It changes so much day to day. I always can have a good idea how the beach is but you just never know until you get there.

With the lake super calm there was plenty of sand to ride on. With temps in the upper teens it was plenty froze. I really like these rides. The window to do these is smaller than you think.

One would think its available like this all winter but its not. If we finally get snow it gets too deep. If it gets way cold then ice formations form along the water’s edge, then a good east wind blows it all up on the beach. Or if it get warm after a big snow, melts and then freezes there is a ton of ice.

But the conditions this time of year, when below freezing is the best. Smooth frozen sand. You gatta hit this up when its this good. We are going to try it again tomorrow but it looks like a few degrees warmer but should be in pretty good shape.

We used to do this way before fat bikes. We’ve been riding this beach for over 20 years.

2008. Look at that group. Over 20 bikes was common in those days.

But I will say the way we ride the beach has changed with the fat bike. Much more accessible and easier to do. Anyways, like I said we will try for another of these rides in the morn. I hope the beach was as good as it was today.


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