Uneventful Weekend

Really nothing to write about. I did not ride at all this weekend. Saturday was a rain out but I needed to get to the store early anyway for sale stuff. Sunday was just a windy blustery day. Still too warm for riding in the woods as there would have been a good amount of mud and whatever.  So thats how the weekend went down. I did get out and bought a new pair of shoes for this winter. Some nice hiking shoes for the snow. Kinda like my shoe version of the snow tire.  I usually only own one pair of shoes with wearing current tennies every day for a year and a half. But now I can put them away till spring.

This week will be a little bike riding. It’s colder again so maybe a beach ride on more frozen sand. Tuesday nite ride too. I thought we would maybe have a little snow on the ground today but the storm went way south and we got nothing. It’s just nuts how we again have snow 100 miles north, 100 miles south and 100 miles west. But snow just avoids this area like the plague. Is it bad luck? Is there some geographical reason? I dont know. But its really hurting all the winter sports here.

My Checkpoint is gone to its new home. I am down to one bike now. The Crestone. I still do have the Powerfly but Im no longer riding it and Im going to advertise it this week.

Im not sure what Im going to do for the Saturday group rides that are pretty much 80% road. Im thinking of putting a 29+ set on the Borealis and riding that. Its should help me on the road. Some people have MTB’s anyway. So not sure what to do there. Riding fat would not be much fun for me. I have a few days to figure it out. 

I was going to build a aluminum Checkpoint but I think I’ll pass. For a bike I might just ride on Saturday morns….. but it would be a awesome winter bike. 2.0 MTB tires with fenders. That would be pretty cool. I guess it snot out of the question. But for now I’ll try to put a faster wheelset on the fat bike and see if I can keep up.

That’s about it for this Monday. Maybe I’ll have more to say on Wednesday.


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