T-Day and Rides


Always a strange week when there is a day off in the middle. It messes with my life schedule.

Besides that its been a good week for riding. Tuesday nite ride was very nice. Then I hit up the beach both Wednesday and Thursday morn. Weds morn was the nicer of the two rides on the shores. The high water line was way up but ridable. The sand was frozen a bit at 25 degrees but got pretty soft on the way back


Yesterday was even worse. Huge waves had the water line way up and we had to spend some time riding in the lake to get around stuff. In fact about 20 minutes in I bailed. I hate getting wet sand in the drive.

On frozen days thats at a minimal but when you ride in the water sand gets everywhere. I had to wash the salt off my car from last weeks trip to Marquette so I just took the bike with me and pressure washed it clean. Then, I take the compressor in the store and air nozzle to blow it off. Sand can cut a driveline’s life to a third.

In other news my Checkpoint is leaving Monday. Sad to see that one go. It could have been a great winter ride and now I have to build something else. So here’s my thoughts: Build a aluminum Checkpoint. And put Sram eTap on it. That way I will have it for my road bike in spring. Once I get my road frame, whatever that is, I will already have the driveline. And in the meantime I will have a bitchin winter bike. Will see how that works out.

So today I will prep the Checkpoint for departure. The Saturday group ride looks like a rain out. But if its a go I will ride the Checkpoint one more time in sold configuration. Which is stock wheels, stock seat mast (alu) and with a handlebar the buyer gave me to put on. It would be a very short ride as I have to open the store at 10am. 

That’s about it this week. Get outside or as they say #optoutside.


Wa da ya think?

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