New Bike\Marquette

It seems when I post almost everyday I dont have anything to say. Then I limit my posts to maybe two a week I have too much to say. I’ll just start at the beginning.

My fat bike is done. I like it. It’s pretty much the same bike I had last year but this year I tried out some HED wheels. First time.

She’s a beauty.

And under 23 pounds without pedals. The lightest bike I’ve ever build, at least with 27.5 wheels. This is the bike I will ride until spring. The Powerfly will get detailed and sold. Im still a little sceptical running these thin wheels. Im a big guy and I will for sure need to make sure I have enough air in them so the rims never touch the ground. In the past Ive run the double wall and much stronger Bontrager Wampas with never a worry there.

Tuesday Nite.

My first ride was the Tuesday nite ride. It was short for me.Just wanted to shake the bike down. Man, I sure was reminded I was without power assist. So I did a short lap and got back to the shelter to get the fire started. The others started to trickle in then. It was cold when we were done. Like 15 degrees. Its forcing me to get all my winter clothing in order quite early this year. I dont mind.

The second ride was much better. After tightening all the stuff that came loose (not a lot) it was off to the first beach ride of the year Wednesday morn.

Wednesday. Eagles in the tree.

The frozen beach was in prime condition. West wind had the surf low. The first beach ride of the winter is magical. We put in over 10 miles along the lakeshore. These rides are super fun and I hope to get a few more in. Sometimes a lot of snow kicks us off. Or high tide leaves us with no room. But not yesterday morn. It was awesome.  The bike was flawless and it is deemed good to go. To Marquette!

I have quick trip planned this weekend. I have help in the store so Im getting out of town. And… they have snow up there. And grooming!

Pic from up there yesterday! Look at that trail!

Looking  at the weather up there, it warms up a bit thur\Fri but plummets again for the weekend. The fixin’s for a super firm trail. Im pumped! And like all the cool kids we are staying at a AirBnB. Two bedroom spot for $100 per nite. Split two ways that is the cheapest I’ve stayed up there. Hope that works out. First time for me doing that.

So between prepping for the trip and getting extra work done (I have two skis to wax!) this will be it for this week. Full Marquette report to follow on Monday. Have a good weekend and get outside!


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