First Winter Weekend.


The weekend went down pretty much as planned. The Saturday group ride was not the best. At 23 degrees it was cold. At least for early Nov standards. While I was in full winter gear some of the guys missed the mark. They were cold. Then we all had visions of beach riding but that was not to be. At least for me. The beach was soft even at those cold temps. You just can never guess the conditions of the frozen beach. Today I walked it at 32 degrees and it was frozen hard. I was not even leaving a print as I walked. But that was not the case Saturday morn. Most of the skinny guys stayed on the beach. Those guys could ride the wet sand in summer. I bailed and hit the road. Which were covered with ice. Two others went down hard. I managed to stay upright the entire ride but I cut short to get back to the store. And realized I had to ride back the 6 miles of road in a 25 mph headwind. In the cold and on the ice. As I soft peddled back to the car I had to smile a little when I was thinking this was pretty much the worst ride I had in a long time. You can’t win them all.

Fall will resume in a few days. Back to the 40’s by the weekend.

Sunday I grabbed the Powerfly to hit up our local State trails. The snow would make it feel like a different trail and that did not disappoint. With all the leaves gone and the ground white it was a pretty scenic ride. I met others on the trail who were pretty fast. I had to turn up the assist to keep up. But I didn’t ride that way long as I was pretty much on the brink of disaster trying to keep up to them. I let some air out my tires and that helped a little. They were all on fat bikes.

But it was a nice ride. Again, one of the last on the Powerfly. When that thing is gone I will miss it for sure. Everyone else will have to remember to wait for me again…  until spring that is. Then it will be the carbon frame version. Just because.

After the ride I stopped in at a local cross race going on near town. Spent an hour talking to people who I can’t remember their names and then went home for a nap and some football. Id have to say that was a pretty good day off for me.  Except I ate too much again.

I will keep working on that. And I have a possible chance on heading somewhere this weekend. More on that later this week.


Wa da ya think?

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