What a difference a few days make. A week ago I was ranting on how all the colors and leaves are still on the trees after weeks of being peak. Then, I talk about the mass leaf drop last Sunday. Today we got out first dusting. Actually almost 3 inches.

I woke to a white winterland and hurried to the store to grab the bike. Was a very cool hour ride in the woods. The change of seasons always puts me in a good mood. The trees full of snow and the ground went from bright orange to white overnite. The 3in tires were just fine for this little snow. I rode slow and looked at stuff. It was a good ride.

And one of the last on the ebike. In fact I was planning on another Marquette trip on the 17th\18th. Next week. After that the bike will be going for sale and I will have my fat bike done to ride. More on the fat bike next week but its in store and not quite done yet. Waiting on the wheelset.

So the ebike run will be over for the season. Im pretty sure I’ll get another one in spring unless I lose 50 pounds and get a double knee replacement. And I can pretty much guarantee none of that is going to happen. But I can always dream.

Today was the first ride of the week. Not really sure why. A lot of rain early but I did get in some nice walks.


This was yesterday. Had a great hike ( Im going to call then hikes now because walks sound boring) along the lake. I had a eagle pretty much watch me the entire time. I must have looked a little shady.

Then on Wednesday there was this guy.

He\she walked out to the waters edge, looked around and headed north. I dont think he even saw me and if he did he\she didn’t care. I see a lot of stuff walking the beach but this was a first. Pretty cool when it happenes. Especially when I have my camera with me.

The was Wednesday. The next day I saw him\her near the park entrance. Two days in a row.

Moving on to this weekend. Not sure what’s up. I will do the Saturday group ride in the morning but I need to cut short to open the store. Looking at the temps I think we might have our first beach ride of the year. 24 degrees at ride time. So it will be a short ride for me but a cool one. First beach ride of the year is always awesome. I’ll ride the Checkpoint (which is also sold)(not sure what Im going to do there) with the 2in tires on it. Almost a perfect bike for these rides.

Sunday Im not sure. I would like to get in another ride on the Powerfly since the time on that bike is limited now. But will see what the temps are. Melting snow could make this a sloppy mess. Will see. Im sure the road tomorrow could be sloppy. But I think most of the snow will be clear off the roads by then. Not sure about the woods tho…

So thats about it for me. Get outside and have a good weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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