The Weekend


Waiting for the others Saturday.

The weekend started pretty good. Had a good Saturday group ride. Despite a double flat. Not sure what was up with that. I found nothing in the tire. The second tube had the leak on the inside. With a perfectly good rimstrip. It’s a mystery. But almost 30 miles with the guys and gal. Got dropped a few times but nothing crazy and I finished with the group so its all good. The Checkpoint is perfect for these rides. Sadly, I have to let it go as I have someone who wants it. So it will be back to the drawing board soon to figure out what Im going ride on these rides all winter.

Took this pic on way to ride Saturday morn. Thought it was cool.

That was Saturday. Sunday was a much different story. Cold, huge wind and driving rain pretty much stripped the trees of the leaves I was ranting about. The trees went bare in 24 hours. Along with random trees down. Winds over 40mph. And not the woods looks like winter. Fall is over. With nothing else to do I went in to the store and did paperwork for a few hours, then home to sit on the couch and eat too much.

Sunday. The leaves covered the ground so fast Sunday it looked like you needed a snowplow to clear them.

I was a little down this last week. This was the week I was out west last year. I truly believed I was going to make this a yearly event. I should have known better. I really had nowhere to go. Last year I was gone 8 days and only paid for one hotel. I just could not pull that off this year and could not afford all the hotels I would have needed this year. I would have also had to close the store but I was prepared to do that no problem. But it was not to be. Several times I pulled out the pics of last years trip and looked that them. Always a little sadder after I scrolled thru them.

I was really excited to take the Powerfly this fall. I could of rode some amazing trails for sure. A 4000 foot day was a possibility. Maybe more. I guess I’ll never know, at least not this year. In a few weeks I will pack up the Powerfly and ship it out to a friend’s store out west for sale. Really, there is no market here for that bike. Then it will be all fat bike till spring. But I hope to get a few ride on the Powerfly before its gone. If it ever stops raining. Some good snow up north. The weirdos up in Hayward were skiing a little yesterday. I do plan on getting another ebike next spring. Unless I lose 50 pounds over the winter. Will look at the carbon frame next year.

Looking at the 10 day, it looks like winter will start next week. Friday nite lows in the teens. That could translate into a beach ride Saturday morn. At least a chance. Depends on the lake. With the water level way up its almost got to be glass smooth for us to have enough beach to ride. Conditions need to be near perfect. So thats hit or miss.

That’s about it for now. More later this week.



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