Friday Already


This week went quick. I walked on Mon\Tues morn. Then rode both Wed\Thurs and then walked again today. The pic was from this morn. The leaves are hanging on so long this year. The woods are awesome. Its helping me hang onto fall a bit longer.

So it was a big week of activity for me. And I ate like it too. Its seems I can’t do one without the other. 

Today I got my fat bike in. New bike day! The store gets new bikes in all the time but its different when its mine. After all this time I still get pumped for new bike day. 

Its mine!

My time on the ebike is getting short. Soon I will be on this fat bike and have to pedal it without help. Once again I’ll be the guy everyone waits for. This will be the lightest fat bike I will build to date. I specced every nut and bolt. I will start putting it together within the hour.

However I might just get one more trip in the Powerfly. Looking at heading back up to Marquette on the 17th\18th. One last ride on dirt before I pray for snow. Well, Im acually kinda praying already and it would be cool if there was some snow on the ground. But whatever. One last shot riding the assist on some cool trails. Then its on to fatbikes.

Tomorrow I’ll be on the morning group ride. I might even do the entire thing as I have some help in the store for the first few hours. Will see. Sunday I’ll leave open but pretty sure it will be MTB. That’s about it for me. Get outside and have a good weekend!



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