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Some More Riding

Thursday morn.

So for shits and giggles I built up a 29+ wheelset for the Borealis. I figured this will help me on the Saturday group ride since its almost 30 miles with 90% of it road. Unless we get some beach to ride. Which we will not this weekend as temps will be above freezing. And I figured we never get any snow anyway so since I dont need the float of a 4.5in tire I’ll just ride 3in. As soon as I put them them on the bike it snows. Go figure.

Its been awhile since I was on 29+ since I had a normal MTB this summer mostly. Then the 27.5 Powerfly. I was reminded of why I love these wheels\tires. While they are not that much taller than the 27.5 by 4.5s they are a bit. And I noticed the roll immediately. I miss this wheel\tire. Although right before I got the Powerfly I did put 2.6’s on the EX and loved it. Actually riding that combo only twice before I sold it. I regret that.

Wednesdays beach ride.

I walked the beach this morn (Friday) and it was in good riding shape despite being near 30 degrees. You just never know. I think there was a lot of humidity in the air and that helps the sand freeze. It was rock hard.

Tomorrows group ride looks like upper 30’s and rain. Pretty much the worst weather ever. I really do not like this time of year. Along with March\April is just a mix of snow\rain\sun\clouds\wind and more rain, then ice. Just so crappy. Looking at the 10 day I see 40’s for temps 10 days out. That just sucks. But thats Wisconsin. But really its just central Wisconsin. Again, we have snow 100 miles north and 100 miles south. But not here.

So thats about it for this week. Tomorrow is Global Fat Bike day. Lots of rides around the State. In the rain. Bummer. Despite the weather I hope you #optoutside. Have a good weekend.


Some Riding

This morn….

Had two good rides in the last 24 hours. Last nites Tuesday nite ride was another good one. 15 bikes or so. Since I call out these rides everyone insists I lead the group but since Im the slowest that helps keep the group together and I dont really mind. These rides a meant to be social anyway. Then a few of us hit the beach this morn. What a change in conditions from last Thursday when I pretty much bailed on that ride. The lake is amazing. It changes so much day to day. I always can have a good idea how the beach is but you just never know until you get there.

With the lake super calm there was plenty of sand to ride on. With temps in the upper teens it was plenty froze. I really like these rides. The window to do these is smaller than you think.

One would think its available like this all winter but its not. If we finally get snow it gets too deep. If it gets way cold then ice formations form along the water’s edge, then a good east wind blows it all up on the beach. Or if it get warm after a big snow, melts and then freezes there is a ton of ice.

But the conditions this time of year, when below freezing is the best. Smooth frozen sand. You gatta hit this up when its this good. We are going to try it again tomorrow but it looks like a few degrees warmer but should be in pretty good shape.

We used to do this way before fat bikes. We’ve been riding this beach for over 20 years.

2008. Look at that group. Over 20 bikes was common in those days.

But I will say the way we ride the beach has changed with the fat bike. Much more accessible and easier to do. Anyways, like I said we will try for another of these rides in the morn. I hope the beach was as good as it was today.


Uneventful Weekend

Really nothing to write about. I did not ride at all this weekend. Saturday was a rain out but I needed to get to the store early anyway for sale stuff. Sunday was just a windy blustery day. Still too warm for riding in the woods as there would have been a good amount of mud and whatever.  So thats how the weekend went down. I did get out and bought a new pair of shoes for this winter. Some nice hiking shoes for the snow. Kinda like my shoe version of the snow tire.  I usually only own one pair of shoes with wearing current tennies every day for a year and a half. But now I can put them away till spring.

This week will be a little bike riding. It’s colder again so maybe a beach ride on more frozen sand. Tuesday nite ride too. I thought we would maybe have a little snow on the ground today but the storm went way south and we got nothing. It’s just nuts how we again have snow 100 miles north, 100 miles south and 100 miles west. But snow just avoids this area like the plague. Is it bad luck? Is there some geographical reason? I dont know. But its really hurting all the winter sports here.

My Checkpoint is gone to its new home. I am down to one bike now. The Crestone. I still do have the Powerfly but Im no longer riding it and Im going to advertise it this week.

Im not sure what Im going to do for the Saturday group rides that are pretty much 80% road. Im thinking of putting a 29+ set on the Borealis and riding that. Its should help me on the road. Some people have MTB’s anyway. So not sure what to do there. Riding fat would not be much fun for me. I have a few days to figure it out. 

I was going to build a aluminum Checkpoint but I think I’ll pass. For a bike I might just ride on Saturday morns….. but it would be a awesome winter bike. 2.0 MTB tires with fenders. That would be pretty cool. I guess it snot out of the question. But for now I’ll try to put a faster wheelset on the fat bike and see if I can keep up.

That’s about it for this Monday. Maybe I’ll have more to say on Wednesday.


T-Day and Rides


Always a strange week when there is a day off in the middle. It messes with my life schedule.

Besides that its been a good week for riding. Tuesday nite ride was very nice. Then I hit up the beach both Wednesday and Thursday morn. Weds morn was the nicer of the two rides on the shores. The high water line was way up but ridable. The sand was frozen a bit at 25 degrees but got pretty soft on the way back


Yesterday was even worse. Huge waves had the water line way up and we had to spend some time riding in the lake to get around stuff. In fact about 20 minutes in I bailed. I hate getting wet sand in the drive.

On frozen days thats at a minimal but when you ride in the water sand gets everywhere. I had to wash the salt off my car from last weeks trip to Marquette so I just took the bike with me and pressure washed it clean. Then, I take the compressor in the store and air nozzle to blow it off. Sand can cut a driveline’s life to a third.

In other news my Checkpoint is leaving Monday. Sad to see that one go. It could have been a great winter ride and now I have to build something else. So here’s my thoughts: Build a aluminum Checkpoint. And put Sram eTap on it. That way I will have it for my road bike in spring. Once I get my road frame, whatever that is, I will already have the driveline. And in the meantime I will have a bitchin winter bike. Will see how that works out.

So today I will prep the Checkpoint for departure. The Saturday group ride looks like a rain out. But if its a go I will ride the Checkpoint one more time in sold configuration. Which is stock wheels, stock seat mast (alu) and with a handlebar the buyer gave me to put on. It would be a very short ride as I have to open the store at 10am. 

That’s about it this week. Get outside or as they say #optoutside.