Weekend Washout


The weekend was a washout but I did get in a nice ride Friday morn. Quite a few leaves still around. Soon the woods will be bare and desolate looking. Then it will be the long wait for snow.

On Saturday I didn’t do the group ride as I had help available to switch the store into winter mode so I took it. Today I order skis and snowshoes. Now I have the spaces to put them when they come in. The wax bench is pretty much ready to go too and the rental skis are out. So its just wait for snow.

Sunday was pretty much rain the entire day. I kinda heard about that so I left the MTB in the store and didnt take any bike home with me. It was one of those crappy days where I didn’t do outside a lot and pretty much ate everything I found in the house. I hate those days.20181023_085151

This morning was a beautiful sunny day so I made it a walking day. I seem to get more of a working walking for an hour as opposed to riding for an hour. Cross training I guess. I walk with trekking poles to save my knees but now my back is taking a hit. Getting old aint for sissies. It’s tough. Especially when your too stubborn to slow down. That I am.

Tomorrow morn might be another walking morning and the Tuesday nite ride. The rides have been fun. About 10 bikes the last two weeks. Hope that continues. I think next week is Daylights Savings. Then it will be dark so much earlier but the mornings will be lighter an hour sooner. And have a extra hour to warm up. That helps the mornings rides.

Today my fat bike ships. Like last years its a Borealis Crestone. Very nice bikes. I had planned on a Farely this year but they are so hard to get as usual. I’d rather ride what I can get to sell. I just checked and if I ordered a 9.8 Farley the deliver is out as far as Feb. That’s not saying I could not get one but I  would have to barter with another dealer and if the bike is in high demand good luck. So Borealis it is and thats not a bad thing.

For the first time Im going with HED carbon wheels. I’ve always been a little concerned with the single wall rim being a heavier guy but Im going to give them a try. I’ll always run a pound or two higher pressure to make sure those rims dont hit the ground. That’s a expensive mistake. But what the heck. This bike could be close to 22 pounds. Will see. Of course with the rim concerned I will for sure run a 4.5in tire. Most likely a Bonty as they are a nice all around tire and pretty light. But a Terrene is not out of the question as I am a dealer of those nice tires now. Good stuff.

That’s about it for this Monday. Order some ski’s and wait for the fat bike to get here. That’s pretty much my week but I do have a few bikes to fix. Its keeps me busy.

Talk later.


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