Last Day (this week)

Today is my last day of work. I am officially heading up to Hayward\Cable in the morning. I’ll be on the trails tomorrow by 1pm. Pretty excited. With bring both the Powerfly and the Checkpoint. Will have the option of woods or gravel.


I started the day with a nice walk on the beach. It was under 30 degrees and the colder temps leaves me walking alone. All the fair weather park goers are gone.  But it was not that cold with the sun. I didn’t get in my full 2 miles as I needed to get to the store to make sure things were ready for me to leave for a few days.

Saw this dude pulling a barge. Usually they push them. That must have been a long chain he was using. It was hard to get both on one pic. That barge looks a little big for that tug. He certainly was not breaking any speed records. Barely moving.

This is how they mostly do it. Caught this guy last week.

I forgot to mention we had a nice Tuesday nite ride. Really the first one with all the rain we had. About 10 bikes. I have a 500 lumen Light & Motion on the bar and a 1000 on the helmet. I had a good time and hope to do a lot more of this.

I leave around 6am tomorrow. I will need to pack all my winter stuff. Friday aft will be about 50 degrees at ride time but after that the temp plummet. Sunday morn’s ride looks to be at about 25 degrees. So I will have to bring enough clothing to cover a wide range of temps. There’s a chance of a little snow Saturday. It would be cool to ride in a little snow. Even a dusting just to cover the ground would be nice. Im looking forward to riding the CAMBA trails again. It’s really been a year since. And thats just too long. Again, I’ll have the Checkpoint along but really its the trails I want to ride. With the Powerfly I’ll be able to ride so much more. I will look for a trail I have not done yet.  As much as I get up to that area there is a lot of trail I have not been on. Will search them out for sure. Sure, I’ll ride the Checkpoint on a little gravel and thats always an option if it rains but if I never get on that bike all weekend that would be fine by me. But options are open.

The store is officially slow enough for me to take off now and will pretty much stay this until Christmas sales or the first snow. So its go time for me. In the back of my mind Im still thinking about out west the first or second week of November. Not sure if I can pull that off but its not completely ditched yet. Just half ditched. Still a chance. 

I would have no problem closing the store for a few days or even Monday thru Friday it get out west.

So thats about it. Gatta get going as Im doing two days of work here today. Next post will come Monday. I’ll have a few pictures to share…. Have a good weekend.


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