2 Ride Weekend

My first ride of the weekend was going to be the Saturday morn group ride. This time of year it switches to winter mode. Mostly MTB’s and cross bikes but a few still show up with  road bikes. I woke Saturday morn to 28 degrees. Even with just going thru all my winter clothes I was still not prepared for that. So it was back to the basement to re do my clothing options.  But I chose wisely and was not cold. That almost never happens this early in the year. It takes me a few cold rides to figure out what I need.

28 degrees

 I was acually prepared to ride alone but we had about 8 to 10 bikes so thats promising. The temps were for sure something one needs to get acclimated to. Winter boots and gloves. But a nice ride even tho I had to turn back after 30 minutes to open the store. Hopefully in time I’ll be able to do the entire ride and not have to be back to store until noon or so.

As I was going to bed Saturday nite I planned a big day for Sunday. I wanted to head north to Door County and ride some trails in my favorite State Park. I have not been up there all summer. Then I was going to hit up some other trails on the way home. Had a few to choose from. On paper it looked to be a good day.

So I got up and got dressed but looked at the radar and it did not look good farther north. Huge band of rain headed right for Door County. But I thought it may just pass so I headed north. I didnt get 10 miles before the clouds turned overcast gray and it started raining. It’s just too far of a drive to risk a rain out so I flipped it and headed back toward home.

I headed west toward the State trails we call Greenbush. But I took the long way just to take a drive and look at the trees which are not peak. I acually lost the need for a ride and just drove around for about a hour. After some time I did drive past the trailhead and pulled in for a ride.


The trees were amazing and I took my time. The colors are now about as good as they will get and I hope the hang on until next week too but the leaves are falling pretty steady now, Soon the trees will be bare. Winter is coming. Some snow fell in the northern part of the State yesterday. The ground was covered in spots. Of course it will not stay as temps will ride back to normal soon which is the mid to upper 50’s about now.

And the ground needs to freeze a bit too. That won’t be for a while. This early snow is just a teaser. But gives us hope.

So it was a pretty good weekend. Next weekend is a planned trip to Hayward. So its only a four day week for me as I’ll be off both Friday and Saturday. More on that later. 


Wa da ya think?

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