Pre Work Ride


I headed out to Greenbush this morn. 34 degrees at ride time. I saw the freeze warning on the telly last nite and went into the basement to pull out the boxes of winter clothing for my yearly inventory. Some pieces I decide are too old and raggy and replace them. Some are good to go. I must have at least $1000 in winter stuff. Not including boots.

After going thru them it looks like there is not a lot to replace. Maybe a base layer or two. And I am getting new store jackets this fall too. Anyway, I pulled out what I thought I needed for the morning and it turns out I was not that far off. I was pretty good on the ride.

Winter (mid weight) boots. My lighter (not AmFib) tights. I did go too heavy on the gloves but thats OK.

The trees seem to be almost peak and the pic I took above did not do the colors justice.

This weekend I plan a short ride tomorrow before work again. Some are calling out the “winter” version of our Saturday group ride and I might hit that up a few miles before work. Sunday will for sure be a MTB ride somewhere.

With the temps dropping the road riding will stop pretty quickly. It’s going to be all MTB, then lead into all fatbike. The Saturday group ride will always be mostly road but as winter approaches almost all hang up the road bikes for MTB’s or cross bikes. I’ll have the Checkpoint for that. But I’ll take the Zipps off before I ride on any crappy slushy road.

That’s about it for today. I do have a few bikes to fix and maybe one or two to build. Im also going to start putting the winter version of the store together. Skis and stuff.

So it will be a little of everything. I do that on purpose so I dont get too bored.

Looks like no rain this weekend so get outside. Have a good one!


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