Mid week

So I called out the Tuesday Nite Ride (TNR) when it was still just to wet to ride. I was the only one there and after 20 minutes of trying to find the less wet places to go called it a ride. I should have just called it off. But this would have been the second week of failure to launch and I just wanted to get out there. So there I was solo. Try again next week I guess.



The temps have been crazy warm for these days. Almost 80 degrees. That will end tonite as a front comes thru and it will struggle to make it into the upper 40’s. That’s more like it.

So in a week and a half I will be up in Hayward\Cable. It’s been since the Fat Bike Birkie in early March. Usually I’ve been up there twice by now. Just did not get the chance this summer.

But I’ll take it.

Today was the second walk day in a row. My morning walks are getting a bit longer every week. Yesterday was over 2 miles. Today not as far but still enough to burn some calories.

Its been a good week in the store and I have some bikes to put together so I’ll make this shorter. It looks like the rain will stop for at least a day or so. Its been raining pretty much every day for the last week. Can you imagine if this were snow?

That would be awesome.


Wa da ya think?

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