Weekend Report


Its rainy\misty\foggy this morn. Pretty much like that for the last few days but there was a break in the precipitation Sunday late morning and I took advangde to get a ride in. The trails were wet but not super muddy. It started raining pretty good as I was finishing and pretty much has not stopped as of this morn. Its crappy out.

The trees are near peak and with this weather predicted to continue for the next few days will be wasted. Its go time right now. This time of year I try to get out as much as I can. Its my favorite time of the year. Cooler temps with colored trees. The store slows and I can take more time to ride. Then winter is just around the corner and thats also one of my fav things. I like snow. I just hope we have some this year. Its not that it didnt snow last year but the temps were so warm that when it did we could not keep it more than a few days. Global warming? Last winter it rained more than snowed.

As things stand today, it looks like I will not be doing my west MTB trip this November. I was hoping to make that a yearly thing and not just one and done. But its looking like thats whats going to happen. While I do ride alone a lot I just dont think I want to do that much driving\riding alone. Maybe I will. I dont know right now. If I do I will be closing the store for a few days. Ive never even considered that before but for that time of year I don’t think it will be a big deal. I checked on sales that week last year and it was minimal.

It does look like I will have the weekend of The 21st\22nd off. Its not set in stone but I might have some help lined up in the store. Again, nothing confirmed. If I can have the Friday I will head up to Hayward. If I only have Sat\Sun then its Marquette again which would not be a bad thing.

Every time I ride the Powerfly I get more used to the fact that Im riding with assist. As most rides I just left it on the lowest setting and it got me over all the hills without walking and still plenty of heart rate. When I still have pedal hard it does not feel like a assist bike.

Thats about it for the weekend. The weather looks pretty crappy for at least the next 3 days. Looks like the Tuesday nite ride will be rained out for the second week in a row.

Better get to work.



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