Its been a good week for the diet\weight loss. I’ve been active every day. Walking Mon,Tues and Friday. Riding Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday’s ride was cold but sunny. Its been colder. Today’s walk was mosquito free. About time.

Im still liking the Checkpoint even for road riding. But even then I throw in some woods on every ride I do with the bike. This weekend I will go thru all my kits and clothing. Out with the summer stuff and in with the fall riding stuff. Plus take inventory of winter stuff. Speaking of which Im knee deep in ordering all the winter product. Of course going easy on the skis\snowshoes. Its been a bad winter as far as snow the last two so I hope that changes.

I took in my first Borealis fat bike this week. I have two more coming. In fact I’ve made the executive decision to ride one again this winter. Don’t get me wrong, Treks Farley 9.8 is a great bike but as always they are hard to get. They make a limited number of those bikes and most get gobbled up with preorders. The Borealis Crestone I can get ongoing. So I will again ride on this winter. For the first time I will also ride a set of HED carbon wheels. The single wall always scared me but I always have a ton of air in the tires so I should be good to go. I estimate this bike coming in around 23 pounds. I plan to have it up and running here in store Nov 1st. Can’t wait for snow.

Not sure about any riding this weekend. Al least in the woods. A ton of rain is expected here the next few days starting tonite. So maybe its all road for a few days….. either way its all good.

Have a good weekend.


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