Amazing Good Times


Of course my Marquette mini vaca was way too short but in a way I kinda like that. Not a lot of down time. Drive up, get a ride in. Eat dinner. To bed. Get up and get another ride in. Drive home. Its quick and cheap. But I need to find a buddy up there to put me up on the couch and I would go up way more…

My first ride was on the north trails. Since the Enduro was going on at the south side. This was the first time I was there with the ebike. All I can say is amazing for all the same  obvious reasons I mentioned in the past.

Sand Pit. North side.

I have too many pics to post them all. With this bike I of course rode farther than I ever did before. I rode from Tourist trailhead to Forestville. I got lost just a few times. But it was just so nice not to have to worry about getting out too far. In the past I erred on the safe side. Always afraid I would get out too far. When I was out with others many times I had to flip back early and let the others just go. So heading out farther was not only easier physically but also mentally. I was out about 3 hours but I stopped many times to take it all in. On the way back I did take a wrong turn, then met up with a local who rode me back to the trail I needed to be on. Even on the ebike I had a tough time holding his wheel. The locals are fast!

In fact after the ride I was very tired. Sore legs just like I would had with a non ebike. But I rode a lot farther \ longer. That’s the deal here. Farther, not faster.

Where all the winter magic happenes.

After the ride Saturday I goofed around a bit. Headed over to the south side for a look at the Enduro. The lot was full so I did not hang around. Stopped for a quick pic here where the keep all the snow grooming stuff and kinda wished winter was here. As it turned out, they had a nite run with the Enduro and I kinda knew that but forgot. I could have spent some time there Saturday nite but I opted for early bed and early rise.

Sunday morn I was up at first lite which is quite a bit later than back home due to the time change. I headed into town for some coffee and to tool around awhile to let it warm up. It was 36 degrees then.

On top of the world. Marquette Mountain.

I’ve been riding here for many years now but this was the first time I took in this view. In the past I just could not ride up here. Not only did I ride up here but rode some black diamond trail back down the mountain. There were times on Gorgeous \ Carp River that I closed my eyes, dropped the post and hoped for the best. Not the smartest thing to do alone. One thing I will say is that after that every bike I own will have a dropper post. I’d put one on my road bike if I could.

I crossed the road from the south trailhead and climbed up the famous Benson grade without having to stop. Trust me, a guy my size still had to push the pedals to get up stuff like that. Before ebike it would take me close to 25\30 minutes to get up Benson with stopping at least 3 times to let my heart rate get out of the sky.

After I got to the top I was good to go. Again, I rode more trail than ever before. Some I’ve been on, some not. I did Pipeline for the first time. But also did some oldie but goodies like Freak N Nature. The vid above was on Greywalls somewhere. I stopped a lot. Stopping a lot to look at stuff is a perk of riding alone. You just can’t when your with a few riders with their nose to the trail. But there are times to ride a bit slower and take it all in. Which is pretty much all of the time for me. Anyway, the ride on the south side was a blast. And I didnt puke once.

New territory for me! I was pretty pumped to be there.

I tried not to make this post all about the ebike and I think I did that. But I need to just share one last paragraph (or two) on it. I gatta say it was no secret I was struggling with the fact that I ride one. And maybe that was just cuz I was home riding all the stuff I usually do anyway. It made me question my decision to get one. But riding this thing here has put all those thoughts to rest. Im a 260 pound guy ( and dropping.. fingers crossed) with bad knees. No way, no way in hell could I ride where I rode this weekend. The ebike has opened all the trails up to me that (almost) everyone else rides.

I realize that this is a very controversial subject and Im sure will be for a while. But how can letting a guy like me ride all the trails available be a bad thing? In time, when this ebike scenario plays out it will be putting more people on bikes and on the cool trails. It will be more people coming up to these destinations spending more money on hotels and food. It will be more people donating to the trail systems. In time it will be a win\win. And the trail systems that realize this will benefit quickly.

I also must say that of all the people I met on the trails, none, and I mean zero had a issue with the bike. In fact quite the opposite. Every one, and mean all of them, seemed pretty pumped that a fat old guy with bad knees was out riding the cool stuff. Thank you to the locals for that.

I feel much better about the bike after this weekend. Even tho all the issues I had were made in my own head. I for sure had the best ride out there this weekend in maybe 10 years.

And here’s to many more. Marquette never disappoints. Thinking maybe again in two weeks????



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