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Last Day (this week)

Today is my last day of work. I am officially heading up to Hayward\Cable in the morning. I’ll be on the trails tomorrow by 1pm. Pretty excited. With bring both the Powerfly and the Checkpoint. Will have the option of woods or gravel.


I started the day with a nice walk on the beach. It was under 30 degrees and the colder temps leaves me walking alone. All the fair weather park goers are gone.  But it was not that cold with the sun. I didn’t get in my full 2 miles as I needed to get to the store to make sure things were ready for me to leave for a few days.

Saw this dude pulling a barge. Usually they push them. That must have been a long chain he was using. It was hard to get both on one pic. That barge looks a little big for that tug. He certainly was not breaking any speed records. Barely moving.

This is how they mostly do it. Caught this guy last week.

I forgot to mention we had a nice Tuesday nite ride. Really the first one with all the rain we had. About 10 bikes. I have a 500 lumen Light & Motion on the bar and a 1000 on the helmet. I had a good time and hope to do a lot more of this.

I leave around 6am tomorrow. I will need to pack all my winter stuff. Friday aft will be about 50 degrees at ride time but after that the temp plummet. Sunday morn’s ride looks to be at about 25 degrees. So I will have to bring enough clothing to cover a wide range of temps. There’s a chance of a little snow Saturday. It would be cool to ride in a little snow. Even a dusting just to cover the ground would be nice. Im looking forward to riding the CAMBA trails again. It’s really been a year since. And thats just too long. Again, I’ll have the Checkpoint along but really its the trails I want to ride. With the Powerfly I’ll be able to ride so much more. I will look for a trail I have not done yet.  As much as I get up to that area there is a lot of trail I have not been on. Will search them out for sure. Sure, I’ll ride the Checkpoint on a little gravel and thats always an option if it rains but if I never get on that bike all weekend that would be fine by me. But options are open.

The store is officially slow enough for me to take off now and will pretty much stay this until Christmas sales or the first snow. So its go time for me. In the back of my mind Im still thinking about out west the first or second week of November. Not sure if I can pull that off but its not completely ditched yet. Just half ditched. Still a chance. 

I would have no problem closing the store for a few days or even Monday thru Friday it get out west.

So thats about it. Gatta get going as Im doing two days of work here today. Next post will come Monday. I’ll have a few pictures to share…. Have a good weekend.


2 Ride Weekend

My first ride of the weekend was going to be the Saturday morn group ride. This time of year it switches to winter mode. Mostly MTB’s and cross bikes but a few still show up with  road bikes. I woke Saturday morn to 28 degrees. Even with just going thru all my winter clothes I was still not prepared for that. So it was back to the basement to re do my clothing options.  But I chose wisely and was not cold. That almost never happens this early in the year. It takes me a few cold rides to figure out what I need.

28 degrees

 I was acually prepared to ride alone but we had about 8 to 10 bikes so thats promising. The temps were for sure something one needs to get acclimated to. Winter boots and gloves. But a nice ride even tho I had to turn back after 30 minutes to open the store. Hopefully in time I’ll be able to do the entire ride and not have to be back to store until noon or so.

As I was going to bed Saturday nite I planned a big day for Sunday. I wanted to head north to Door County and ride some trails in my favorite State Park. I have not been up there all summer. Then I was going to hit up some other trails on the way home. Had a few to choose from. On paper it looked to be a good day.

So I got up and got dressed but looked at the radar and it did not look good farther north. Huge band of rain headed right for Door County. But I thought it may just pass so I headed north. I didnt get 10 miles before the clouds turned overcast gray and it started raining. It’s just too far of a drive to risk a rain out so I flipped it and headed back toward home.

I headed west toward the State trails we call Greenbush. But I took the long way just to take a drive and look at the trees which are not peak. I acually lost the need for a ride and just drove around for about a hour. After some time I did drive past the trailhead and pulled in for a ride.


The trees were amazing and I took my time. The colors are now about as good as they will get and I hope the hang on until next week too but the leaves are falling pretty steady now, Soon the trees will be bare. Winter is coming. Some snow fell in the northern part of the State yesterday. The ground was covered in spots. Of course it will not stay as temps will ride back to normal soon which is the mid to upper 50’s about now.

And the ground needs to freeze a bit too. That won’t be for a while. This early snow is just a teaser. But gives us hope.

So it was a pretty good weekend. Next weekend is a planned trip to Hayward. So its only a four day week for me as I’ll be off both Friday and Saturday. More on that later. 


Pre Work Ride


I headed out to Greenbush this morn. 34 degrees at ride time. I saw the freeze warning on the telly last nite and went into the basement to pull out the boxes of winter clothing for my yearly inventory. Some pieces I decide are too old and raggy and replace them. Some are good to go. I must have at least $1000 in winter stuff. Not including boots.

After going thru them it looks like there is not a lot to replace. Maybe a base layer or two. And I am getting new store jackets this fall too. Anyway, I pulled out what I thought I needed for the morning and it turns out I was not that far off. I was pretty good on the ride.

Winter (mid weight) boots. My lighter (not AmFib) tights. I did go too heavy on the gloves but thats OK.

The trees seem to be almost peak and the pic I took above did not do the colors justice.

This weekend I plan a short ride tomorrow before work again. Some are calling out the “winter” version of our Saturday group ride and I might hit that up a few miles before work. Sunday will for sure be a MTB ride somewhere.

With the temps dropping the road riding will stop pretty quickly. It’s going to be all MTB, then lead into all fatbike. The Saturday group ride will always be mostly road but as winter approaches almost all hang up the road bikes for MTB’s or cross bikes. I’ll have the Checkpoint for that. But I’ll take the Zipps off before I ride on any crappy slushy road.

That’s about it for today. I do have a few bikes to fix and maybe one or two to build. Im also going to start putting the winter version of the store together. Skis and stuff.

So it will be a little of everything. I do that on purpose so I dont get too bored.

Looks like no rain this weekend so get outside. Have a good one!


Mid week

So I called out the Tuesday Nite Ride (TNR) when it was still just to wet to ride. I was the only one there and after 20 minutes of trying to find the less wet places to go called it a ride. I should have just called it off. But this would have been the second week of failure to launch and I just wanted to get out there. So there I was solo. Try again next week I guess.



The temps have been crazy warm for these days. Almost 80 degrees. That will end tonite as a front comes thru and it will struggle to make it into the upper 40’s. That’s more like it.

So in a week and a half I will be up in Hayward\Cable. It’s been since the Fat Bike Birkie in early March. Usually I’ve been up there twice by now. Just did not get the chance this summer.

But I’ll take it.

Today was the second walk day in a row. My morning walks are getting a bit longer every week. Yesterday was over 2 miles. Today not as far but still enough to burn some calories.

Its been a good week in the store and I have some bikes to put together so I’ll make this shorter. It looks like the rain will stop for at least a day or so. Its been raining pretty much every day for the last week. Can you imagine if this were snow?

That would be awesome.