Weekend Off!

Today is my last day of work until Monday. Most people can say that every Friday. Im pretty excited. Hope to get in a ton of riding in. First venture out of town with the Powerfly. I should be able to double my ride time. And you can bet I will.

I ditched the camping. Lows Saturday nite are now near the freezing mark. Im just not prepared for that. I found a cheap hotel for $80 bucks. Again, I’ll be doing the north trails Saturday as there is a Enduro going on at the South trails. Then Sunday I’ll show up on the south side. Looking to do some trails I have never done before. I even was thinking of doing Harlow Lake which is pretty much double black. That might not be a good idea if Im alone.

I should be up there just before noon tomorrow and be riding right after lunch. Then maybe back at it around 9am Sunday. After that ride I’d like to get cleaned up and after some lunch but before I leave I would like to hike up to Sugerloaf. Then pack up for the 4 hour ride home. Maybe hit up Reforestation in Green Bay on the way home? Maybe.

Second time I saw this guy this week.

Saw this go past as I walked today. Today was a good walk day. Yesterday I put in almost 30 miles on the Checkpoint. So the activity is going pretty good. I walk a lot farther than when I started two weeks ago. I’ve had some small setbacks on the food intake but nothing I would call a disaster. Im pretty happy with the way things are going altogether.

The fatbikes are rolling in. I ordered two Borealis Crestones like I rode last year. They have a cool new color. They should ship today and be here mid next week. Also, the Trek fatbikes are showing up too. The new frames are in and I’ll order one for me as soon as I get back next week. Then I’ll start building. If that build go’s like I want it that will be the best and coolest fatbike I have ever had. And thats saying a lot!

That’s about it for today. I do have some bikes to build before I leave so I better get going.

I should be able to let you know how things went on Monday. Have a good weekend.


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