Mid Week


Im having some great walks. Mostly on the beach. Im ready to hit some woods but the mosquitoes are still bad enough to make me stay out. At least for walking. Im walking a little farther every day. The morning have been cool and its supposed to drop to the upper 30’s in a few days. I would expect that to ditch most of the little critters.

I just checked my weekend help and all looks good to go for the weekend. It’s just a day but Im still pretty excited. I’ll start digging out the camping gear when I get home tonite. It looks like its going to dip in the mid to low 30’s up there Saturday nite so I better bring some cool weather clothing along. And blankets. Lots of blankets. Hopefully my tent wont have some big hole in it. It’s been hiding in some closet for a few years now.

I was thinking of bringing the gravel bike with but really I won’t have any time for it. Just two rides. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. So its the MTB only for sure.


Speaking of which, I was swearing up and down on making these tire tubeless. I was ready to switch them out. Turns out it was the valve stem. I just replaced the core on the pesky rear tire and its held every pound since. Good to go. While I have had the bike in the woods I’ve not yet rode on any real gravel. Thats a bummer. I wish we had some around here.

So thats about it for mid week. Just getting things ready for the weekend. And after walking the last few mornings I should get a ride in tomorrow morn on the Checkpoint.

I wish I could leave today.


Wa da ya think?

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