Mornings, Tubeless and More.


Another walking day. Todays walk was over an hour and thats my longest to date. I’ve been enjoying the morning walks. The mosquitos were not as bad today due to the high winds. The same high winds that kept me off the bike this morn and put me on the walk.

I walk fast enough to eventually break a sweat. A calorie burned is a calorie burned. Im trying to only weigh myself once a week. Usually on Sunday mornings.


Two days ago I set up my WTB Resolutes tubeless. They have yet to hold pressure overnite. It’s not the rims. When I had my road tires tubeless they held pressure for weeks. This is the third day I had to air up. I will add a little more stans and give it one more try. If they cant hold air I will switch to a set of Bontragers I now have in store.


 The new  Bonty GR2’s look like a nice tire. And they will be lighter and faster than the WTB’s on the road. In fact, if its slow today in the store I just might set them up anyway.

I hate messing with tubeless. I dont know why I do it. I always run a higher pressure anyway. I guess I do it because I think I should since everyone else is.

If I do mount them I will have a set of WTB’s for sale. Again. I ran them, the sold them this spring.

Moving on to next week. Next Saturday nite I have made reservations at Tourist Park in Marquette. I will leave early Saturday for the four hour drive. Hitting the trails just before noon or so. I’ll be on the north trails Saturday as there is a Enduro going on in the south trails that day.  I might head over there for a minute to watch a bit But I’d like to get at least three hours on the Powerfly. Maybe four.

Then set camp and get up Sunday morn to head to the south side. I’ve never done anything on the north side of the trailhead, always crossing the road to head up Benson. And now with the Powerfly I have a good shot at riding those for the first time.

Anyway, that is the plan. Will see what happenes. This weekend is the Trek world Cup cross race. I might head up to watch on Sunday but thats the only day I have off so I might just ride. I can always watch it on the computer is its streaming live.

I plan on riding home tonite and back to work in the morn. Not on the Checkpoint as I wont know what kind of pressure I’ll have in the morning. Now that Im complaining about it I should just throw the tubes back in and call it a day. Whatever.

The weather looks great for being outside. Nice and cool, no humidity. So do that. Have a good weekend.


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