Its Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and I just did not have time to post yesterday. It’s nice to still be busy in the store this time of year. Even tho it’s a bit slower Im a one man band so I stay busy. 

Friday nite\Saturday morn I rode the Powerfly home from then back to work. It’s a pretty easy commute. On the way to work Saturday morn I hit the woods up a bit. Makes the ride to work seem more like play. 

Then Sunday I grabbed the Checkpoint and did a little combo ride. Mostly road but some woods too. In fact I hit two city parks and crossed four bridges over the same river.

I ride over these bridges several times a week. Im still rockin the 42c WTB Resolutes on the bike. I ordered some 40c tires for it but Im not so sure Im going to switch. The WTB’s have a pretty aggressive tread on them and since I do 80% road with the bike Im thinking of going with a smaller tread pattern. Most gravel tires are small block anyway. And I think that would be a little more efficient on the road. But these tires seem alright for the road anyway. I rode them a bit in the spring but ditched them for th 2.0 MTB tires which I still have. So I just may keep them on. I might make them tubeless this week if I have the time. Would be nice to be able to ride on real  gravel. We have none here. I need to drive 3 or more hours north for that. Hoping to do that at least once in Aug and once in November.

This week Im contemplating my weekend away in two weeks. I mentioned Eagle River last post. That would be nice but we’ll see. The fall is such nice riding and when its game on I freak out trying to get the most riding in I can in that short time. I need to plan now for the future. Planning every day. Now that I think about it maybe Marquette would not be so bad… Or maybe…..?


Wa da ya think?

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