Walk Day


Amazing mornings of late. Great temps. Lots of sun. Had a great walk on the beach. It’s really the only place I can walk where you dont get nailed by mosquitos. They are so bad right now. Maybe the worst I’ve ever seen. I dont want to put on and bug spray as then I would have it on all day at work. Yesterday riding in the woods you could see them all just swarming around the trail as you rode past. I hope this passes soon. Its a bummer.

I hate to talk about this as it just seems to jinx it. It looks like the weekend of the 29\30th will be a chance to head up north. Not sure where yet. I might like to head back to Eagle River to ride the Hidden Lakes trail again.

If you remember that trail kicked my ass and was the beginning of the ebike thought process. I just want to go back. It’s such a gorgeous trail winding between lakes. And I would have free lodging then too. So that will be high on my to do list for that weekend.

I have not been to either Marquette or Hayward all summer. Probably the first time thats happened in 10 years. I hope get one of those done in Oct and maybe one in Nov. If I dont go out west.


As I walked the shore I saw this. Been there a million times and its a first. It’s not everyday you see a kid pulled on a tube from a fishing boat in Lake Michigan. They were miles away from any boat landing. Weird.

That’s about it for today. Rare two days in a row posting. That’s weird too.


Wa da ya think?

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