Weekend Update


Not a bad weekend. The post rain weather continues to be amazing. I finally got out in the woods on Sunday. Kinda was a epic day for me. I guess maybe a first. With the ebike, its not just being able to climb steeper hills, its also about riding longer.

Sunday I put in two laps at New Fane, then scooted over to Greenbush for some more time in the saddle. All the trails were dry. In Greenbush I did not do loop 4 as I heard they did not finish cleaning out the downed trees there yet. Maybe it was done then but I just did not care to find out.

 I had a HR monitor on the second ride. I was still working. But I did notice my max was about 10 beats off pre ebike. And thats fine by me.  171 is still getting after it.

But this day would not have been possible without some assist. No way I could have lugged my fat ass for 15 miles. As much as my ego gets beat up the ebike is still doing its job well.

Ive been still sending these rides over to Strava. But I dont really want to. As you would expect Ive been blowing up my PR’s on the ebike. Not saying Im getting any KOMs. Far from. But I’ve been trying to either delete or mark private all the ebike rides. At least the ones that grab any false PR’s. People have been concerned that I would grab all the Strava KOM stuff on this bike and thats not reality. Again, I will confess I am using the lowest level of assist. But really thats all I need. I dont need to ride the trails super fast. I just need to ride the trails without having to walk some hills and such. I won’t go over old news here. Anyway, Sunday was a nice ride. Cool temps and two trail systems.

Today was a walking day so I headed out to our local State Park. After I finished my coffee I headed out for a walk but the mosquitoes were nuts. All the prior rain has produced a population explosion. I got 10 minutes into the woods and just had to turn around. They were awful. So I thought I would get out of the cover of the woods and headed out on one of the boardwalks.


And I didnt get far. The remnants of all the rain a week ago is still around and show where all the mosquitoes are coming from. This walk was also a fail. Its been getting in the low 50’s at nite so I thought the bugs would be on the way out but they seem on the way up. Warmer weather the next few days will most likely keep me from walking the woods. I’ll ride a bike instead I guess.

Just so I stay busy.


Wa da ya think?

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